What made you laugh today?


Boomers gonna boom!



It’s like he’s the character from Vampire’s Kiss only with a gun, badge, and drug problem.

Would recommend for Batshit Cage Aficionados.


The original was spectacular.

Not sure I ever watched this one. That bad, eh?


It’s good bad. But yes. most people would say bad.



I love that it seems like he just says yes to every script lol I keep seeing this pop up, might have to watch it.


Have you watched this one? Starts slow and a bit boring then goes up to 11 batshit crazy. Classic Cage here!


Lol I have not. But the missus is planning a solo road trip soon so I may have to do a Crazy Cage O Thon weekend


Hells Yeah! You must absolutely watch this one:

and that one (you’ve probably already watched) but just in case:

And if you want some low-key but fantastic Cage - a lesser known movie but superb nonetheless:


Lord of War I saw and enjoyed! I bought Mandy on a recommendation but never got around to it I’ll put that plus the other on the playlist!


I have seen all of that Cage except Lord Of War. Would recommend all of it.

But here’s what I discovered today and had me laughing so god damn hard:

and it’s free right now.

I guess this was something that was supposed to be developed more, but then 2020 happened.

It’s also very short; 6 episodes running like 10, 11 mins. Bingeworthy.



hell yeah, Mandy was my movie of the year when that came out. Really hope Panos Cosmotos does another whacky flick like that soon. Beyond the Black Rainbow is my fav film