What made you laugh today?



The news all seemed to pivot and everybody I know has forgotten that there’s still over 1,000 people being killed by Covid in the US every day. This is how we get another wave people.

Not to say Ukraine doesn’t need our attention too, but it’s not the only thing going on in the world because we’re all just THAT fucked right now.


People have a short attention sp


“One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic.” Josef Stalin…

As the Nazis killed 6 million Russians during WW II, Stalin killed 30 Million of his own people in political purges while consolidating his power.

Some things never change…



I want to find the market where you can just buy a band like these guys clearly did. The second to last album had one original member when they regrouped, but clearly the 2015 album was just a bunch of other guys


I know it isn’t made for old farts but decided to try the Beatport app…after 20 minutes I couldn’t figure out how to just view all the tracks in a genre …only the charts…lol…come one y’all I want to crate dig! Not just buy what’s popular. Is that really how DJs buy music now? Just download the Top 100 Beatport Chart for Tech House?


Airmelon, watermelon, firemelon, earthmelon, the elemelons


Would that make a wizard an elemelonentalist?

(Fuck me that is a hard word to say :rofl: )


It could be Envemelonentalism.

But Tbh i thought the only one who could master all elemelons would be the avatar the last melonbender.

Im going off of a new scientific theory.

This made me laugh more than it should…simple.


Ah wouldn’t that be an archmelonage?


Yes but we cant forget



I think that’s when you put a hole in a melon and fill it with booze. Or maybe that’s firemelon.


Vodka melon balls are the shit.

Melonsorcery is what it is.


You need help. Get some melonaid.




I think we’ve ran this series of puns into the ground, I’m gonna meloff.


No this is patrick.



Steam VR sale on the hottest day(s) in recorded history and the last thing you want to put on your head is a hat that makes body temp rocket.

Goddamit Steam :rofl: