What made you laugh today?


Bruce lees brother

Broco lee.


Why do cameras have a round lens… if the picture is square? :sunglasses:

This makes me laugh every day…


I don’t know lens design math, but I know panavision anamorphics are actually square/rectangle. The short answer is a combination of math and production costs, I think it’s hard put a corner on a lens without warping it, so better to have un-used real estate at the edges and not risk warping the center is my high school film class educated guess.


But just think of how many images of ghosts, UFOs, Big Foot etc. we are missing in all that real estate!?

My guess is we just like square documents… because it’s easier to orient and collate square docs… and also because round documents look too much like drink coasters. :man_shrugging:


Wow, I actually never thought about that, just took the 8.5 by 11 paper size for granted.

I’m printing my next resume on a 3 foot diameter disk, just to see what happens.



that is hilarious!


Bae means shit in danish

So dont say bae…cause your calling your s.o. a peice of shit.

The more you know.


Not gonna lie, I kinda want it lol


I like the Throw Cake button and the GoGo Dancer hot cues!