What made you laugh today?


Have you watched this one? Starts slow and a bit boring then goes up to 11 batshit crazy. Classic Cage here!


Lol I have not. But the missus is planning a solo road trip soon so I may have to do a Crazy Cage O Thon weekend


Hells Yeah! You must absolutely watch this one:

and that one (you’ve probably already watched) but just in case:

And if you want some low-key but fantastic Cage - a lesser known movie but superb nonetheless:


Lord of War I saw and enjoyed! I bought Mandy on a recommendation but never got around to it I’ll put that plus the other on the playlist!



hell yeah, Mandy was my movie of the year when that came out. Really hope Panos Cosmotos does another whacky flick like that soon. Beyond the Black Rainbow is my fav film




Ah yes, I often go the other way myself. Take it from Lambo to Nissan.


Mine goes from lambo down to razor scooter :smiley:


I don’t even use the word “mastering” when referring to myself doing the work, I just call it “finishing”…as the song is finished, damaged, dead by the time i get done with it lol


Mine goes from autobot…to sneaker skates.



too relatable :'D


My one rule at the end of a patch: everything goes through the master quantizer or else I lose the match :sweat_smile:


Omg lmfao…seriously


One of my favorite musicians weighing in on the big philosophical questions…



Ryan seacrest is a more talented actor than nic cage…

Nic cage rage in the cage

I would watch a tv show with nic cage screaming at the people hes interviewing.


Its true :+1::roll_eyes: