What made you laugh today?


(looks at title of thread)



My apologies, sometimes I grammer rong.


thank you. i needed that <3


why did i laugh at that??


First time I saw that, the “wet and lightningy” bit almost killed me. I laughed for 10 minutes.


This is how all fiction sounds to me as it is. Finally somebody is speaking my language here



lol yea that got me pretty good too :rofl:
are we getting old?


who is that??? asking for a friend


Pretty sure that’s Margo Kidder.






I need more eyes to fully enjoy this.


He found the one line that pretty girls literally never use


I know this observation has been done before…but uh. I couldn’t help but smile


I bet their anal is decent enough but no where near as good as the anal they’re trying to emulate :smirk:



Hannah Gadsby - Douglas

I was tempted to go see when she was touring in the UK but, well, didn’t. Netflix special released a short time ago and I watched it tonight.

Very excellent, though I disagreed with her on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles :smiley: