What made you laugh today?





This. My home town, crazy mother fucking peeps whording the lockdown. No schools, furloughed, etc. Next month infection rates go up, bolt down on the economy with a second UK wave and the fuckers will blame every other cnut than themselves for the infection increase and loss of jobs when further business put the brakes on or collapse!!


Not sure to laugh or pop it in the I want to cry thread. :slight_smile:

Sirens going off in the background every 10 mins, well hot here tonight . Im about 5 mins from the beach in the car… almost tempted to go now!

Not too busy.


Yeh its a bit facepalmtastic under the circumstances. Still when the second wave hits, while those taking care will get hit, a large number of stupids will get culled. Silver linings and all that.

Shame it didn’t happen before Brexit :smiley:


RPG night, everyone started singing Pinky And The Brain at the same time. One of those spontaneous stupid moments that prolly isn’t very funny outside of our little group :smiley: