What made you laugh today?



I’m so bored today.


dude, that is hella epic album art







may have figured out the psychology behind some of the people of whom I don’t get along with…
and realized its nothing new…therefore it is meaningless to go into details…because of ego, and perception…
so in short…i highly recommend the book the screwtape letters by c.s. lewis… so… yeah…

the real fucked up part is that the shit that i’ve experienced wasn’t done on purpose by either party it was all over everyone having brainfarts/diarrhea of the mouth
…I was literally trying to talk shit out…the whole time… but my piss poor interpersonal skills (im not that stupid)…plus the gamer culture = a perfect storm of nonsense…

from now im not gonna even bother trying to reason with some people irl anymore…fml lol…



God, I’m so glad that Adult Swim let Michael Cusack create another cartoon. I’m fucking dying. LOL

(link to pilot episode):



as funny as that is, it makes me sad too. the guy has a point, “where is the government? they need to regulat this shit because these guys are killing themselves!” (or something along those lines).
these people will kill themselves and the fast food industry top dogs will get rich while they do it.
food for thought :smiley:


Yeah I feel the exact same. And while it’s in the fast food industries interest to sell, sell, regardless of public health there has to be some kind of personal self control on the part of the individual to step back and take an introspective look at themselves and say “what am I doing to myself”


thing is, the governments take responsibility for this kind of thing when they step up. they are happy enough to take credit for the good things, but they blame the consumer for the bad things. they have the power to put an end to it, but they have to weigh up income vs public happiness in order to make sure they can keep earning their income.
if they are going to take responsibility for things like lower unemployment then they need to take responsibility for things like this too. they cant just pick and choose what is under their control after seeing what comes of it.

this could get political.


Oh yeah I don’t doubt it. Politicians will claim anything that reflects positively on them. I think the most difficult thing about regulating something like fast food is basically the argument of free will. People know that fast food is bad for them, they know it will make them fat and kill them, but how much can a government restrict a person’s right to access that food when they have been given fair warning. I think that’s really why cigarettes are still legal. Highly carcinogenic, absolutely no health benefits, a burden on the health care system, but they come with a warning label which means that the option to use them comes down to the individual and not the government. The government can only incentivise you not to smoke or gorge yourself on fast food, but they cannot physically restrict you


I think it’s weird that it’s illegal to shoot yourself in the face, but it’s “personal liberty” and “individual freedom” to kill yourself slowly. Pick a damn soapbox and stand on it.


First… do no harm to others… then do whatever you want. Sounds simple…

Unfortunately… it is apparently human nature to first do whatever you want… then maybe take a look at how it affects others and label it “their problem”

I want government to fix that… but they are made of humans that take my money so they can fix things.

And I can’t get my money back… 🤦


Pretty sure if the government had a money back guarantee it would somehow be bureaucratized into oblivion like the DMV (and I picture the DMV as throwing cash into a furnace). And the constitution does actually say that congress controls the purse strings. The constitution doesn’t give the government a lot of explicit power, but it does grant them that. And it worked for most of our history up until the past few decades when they can’t put together a budget to save their constituents lives.

But whatevs, the politically independent central bank just has to work hand in hand with them to figure this all out. No big deal. Not going to have massive repercussions on the investments that social security and private retirements are built on for the next couple decades or anything like that…

You know, there’s a couple of bills now that want to give americans $2,000 for every month we’re in a state of emergency with COVID. I hope they do it. I’ll throw it all into low-cost investments and foreign made synthesizers. Or used stuff. Not gonna give them the GDP, no sir.


hate to break it to you, but its about money. thats why weed is illegal in most countries, and other drugs are completely illegal, even those that are nowhere near as bad as cigarettes and alcohol.
free will applies to all of that, yet they choose to roll with the ones that make them loads of money. maybe its a coincidence? or maybe they have another agenda. you decide.


this ^^^!!!


yea thats the problem, they are all greedy cunts who do not care how many people have to die to buy them their luxury lifestyles. it really is as simple as that. i have no idea where some people get their idea that the govenments actually want to help people, despite eons of evidence to the contrary.


what is the constitution useful for? the US government does not follow it and the civilians are either too scared to fight them, or have forgotten that it is their responsibility to enforc it on the government. not sure which, i dont live there.

yea the banks are a huge part of the biggest problems all over the world.

all my government money is going into an investment that gives me an easy exit when everything goes completely south. 10 years at most and people will be regretting not prepping their exit.
my estimate is only 2 years before the next one of these. next time it will be bigger, then after that, bigger again. before we know it we will be in constant lockdown.