What made you laugh today?


Way to be a debbie downer Jayson.

Here, have a funny nsfw cartoon


The comments only make this video better. Thank you, YT. 10/10


I love how she notices they just left and changes angle but keeps going on about how they’re supposed to exchange surveyors if they’re given the slip. She’s a sneaker…she lost them by being in plain sight.

I’m enticed to watch more videos from this car bound information source. /me gets popcorn

Edit - she thinks the Illuminati (TI) are following her around? LoL



schizophrenia awareness…


Their schizoaffective shit isn’t what I find so hilarious, it’s the fact that everyone with the delusion is going online and siding with each other about one collective, particular delusion. They have specific beefs with the color red on vehicles, horse trailers and bicycles that they all agree with. This has more in line with religion or something collective than a personal delusion almost

This is an art form at this point


this is the kind of internet rabbit hole I live for lol.

what a trip, collective delusion of this kind is bizarre to say the least.



The power of belief is ultimate…

My Mantra for many years now has been “Reality is one thing… but Perception is everything.”

This also reminds me of when I took “introduction to Logic” in college: on the first day in class I asked “does taking this class help me be more logical in my daily life?” The answer: “after taking this class you will take the things you do and say less seriously… and you will take the things that others do and say even less seriously than that.”

I have lived by that and my Mantra ever since. Try it… it’s liberating! :sunglasses:


“Yeaaaaah budyyyy”


More like a chuckle, but hey what can I say? I like music and I like Fallout, and this kinda marries them funnily enough.


People that arent important enough with nothing better to do…being suspicious about unimportant people with nothing better to do than to supposedly stalk people that arent important enough…

$10 this is the convo… hey bro you notice the women noticing you, yea bro, what do you think…eh I have a gf already…

The opposite version…hey you know that guy sitting over there, yea some random dude…whatever I dgaf about that guy, lol I heard he’s the most interesting man in the world cause he drinks dos equiis…lol I envy his street cred…let’s screw with him lol

Blah blah blah…its just insecurity about ones place in the world and their reputation in the social network

Have you seen this person if so make a bell or whistle everytime you use a trigger word to exhibit a certain emotional response from said subject…

Conspiracy looking for meaning and omens behind Random happenings

Lol fucking seriously


Hohoho boy oh boy, what a species we are indeed!!



California, man :roll_eyes:


Holy crap!

I just realized my wallpaper, which is a picture I took on a trip to Georgia in 2014…is this




To be fair it’s not just California

It’s also



Nevada…part two (the erotic edition)

Nevada…part three (the Mad Max remix)





Alabama again!!

Oh and also California…again!! :joy::joy:




…is there any room left down there, far_darrig?


omfg haha thank you for that


How many dead bodies does it take to change a lightbulb?

More than 6 because my basement is still dark.


I saw a cat, right when I picking up my pineapple pizza…that cat looked at me I looked at the cat…it was a staring contest that lasted 40 minutes…that fucking cat would not move…it was as if it was a messenger of anubis delivering a message about the afterlife…that cat gazed into my soul…searching and judging all my thoughts and actions…and my shitposts…and I was being judged…but then it pounced and ate the pidgeon next to me…all this time i thought i was being measured for the afterlife…and it was chasing a flying rat fuck pidgeon…needless to say the pineapple pizza went cold…I was disappoint because I left everyone waiting at my pizza party…and they decided to leave before I got back…and when I got back…I was alone with a bunch of cold pineapple pizza…i truly felt forever alone…