What made you laugh today?


I know I’ve made some shitty music. Yesterday I listened to some of my old stuff for the first time in years and my face was like :nauseated_face:


Now, as for something that made me laugh today:



What do you get when two assholes fight?..

A fuckload of shit.

Stupidity contest for the win…

Two people…Butting heads like bulls struggling to gore each other in the ass…basically the bdsm version of brokeback mountain…

I watch that show cheaters too much


Trump played his trumpet in the trump off and trump’d the trumpers trumpin who saw him trumpin and so they trumpin him…

It’s like buffalo it can be used in a sentence 50 times and still make sense…




how knowledge of girl/guy talk makes people inadvertently compete for each others attention


I’ve seen it… a bit cheezy at first but then goes way over the top into Limburger… a real hoot :ghost:



haha, yeah I’m fucked up



I miss that show. It was trash, but it knew what it was. It was self-aware.





Ya boy nostromer got fired today.

Honestly one of the better things that’s happened to me lately.

My company gave me a sizeable five figure severance as well… so… I suppose I’ll get around to my PC rebuild and focus a couple months on my art/animation portfolio, and likely pick up more music time.

Most people would be sad, or sorry, but honestly I’m laughing about it.

This is a good thing.




That should get the creative juices flowing :thought_balloon:🩸:boom::violin::notes:


I myself have never been unemployed, only fun-employed. Make the most of it man.



Wow Jayson, that is a totally inappropriate and insenstive joke with a distasteful sense of timing.

What I’m saying is, I approve :smiley:



I know it’s fun to think I’m just being punk, and I’m tempted to leave it at that impression, but…the reality is this…

I’m at increased risk of death by two-fold over others when it comes to covid-19 because I have three separate pulmonary issues: A genetic deficiency that causes my lung to heal less quickly when harmed (e.g. cold, severe coughing, etc…), I have spontaneous pneumothorax caused from blisters that form on the outside of the lung and burst which pushes air into the area which causes the lung to get compressed (i.e. collapsed), and I have asthma.

So, because of this and being that I’m also 40 years old (which is a demographic that loosely accounts for around 10 to 15% of cases) I’m a little bit more nervous than some others might be.
To get an accurate concept here…when I get a common congestive cold, I have to take hydrocodone based cough syrup to help prevent damage and pain from coughing.

As a result, I try to cope with it a bit, since there’s very little I can do, by making jokes about it where I can.