What made you laugh today?


I’m a slightly left leaning centrist (and definitely an independent) so seeing my friends on both sides of the political spectrum talk shit about each other to me confidently is a little amusing at times. If I’m ever honest about my views, my far left leaning friends think I’m super conservative, and my right leaning friends think I’m a socialist.


The real kicker is that there exists some asshat that wants u to Boycott ur friends because of political associations…and to join there tribe…


For real… they’re so divided they can’t even listen to each other in a civil manner at all. The only time my friends on either side are willing to entertain thought outside of their own tribe is SOMETIMES when it comes from an independent and that’s it. Shit’s become so divided nobody cares about what anyone is saying, just whose team they’re on.

I’m getting really annoyed with one friend in particular who keeps talking about his huge boner for Trump as if I give a single shit too. Wonder if he realizes there are some people who don’t think he’s either the messiah or the antichrist.


Shenanigans, its just pure shenanigans its exactly like benny hill meets south park.


The Grammys.



Can u say propaganda?


Proper gander?



Do people still really care and think it presents current state of music? For me it always reminded me of some corporation awarding their workers for increased profits while arranging a nice evening as a bonus (instead of giving wage bonuses). I feel grammy-awarded doesn’t mean much anymore. So all the suddenly that artist is super validable of having this chocolate medal? I must like them because some critics told me so?


The Grammys absolutely do not represent the best of the current state of music. Remember when they created the “Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Recording” award in 1989…and gave the first one to …Jethro Tull.

Over Metallica.

Oh and they gave Milli Vanilli the “Best new artist” Grammy that year too :laughing:


Metallica sux (OK I only like Master of Puppets {the album} and that’s just my opinion).

But yeah, I like to go deep into albums mostly, so the songs I like are the ones that never get airplay, music videos, and therefore, the awards. My favorite Led Zeppelin song is “The Rain Song” from Houses of the Holy. When’s the last time someone broke that one out on KLOS?



Yeah, thus me laughing at it. It’s not like I watched them, I don’t even know most of the people nominated. Mostly just can’t get away from the coverage.

I do think it’s a popularity contest between the people/companies (aren’t they the same thing now?) behind popular artists. It’s a media-hype version of corporate fat cats lounging around smoking cigars, drinking over priced booze and high fiving each other. I have my doubts that it ever represented talent, but the mere fact that even in the internet age it excludes anything and anyone without a media conglomerate marketing machine behind them means, to me, it’s a first-order echo chamber for money and nothing else.


Has anyone seen my pet cockroach kafka I’m like seriously losing my shit…


Oh bro, Metamorphosis went so over my head. I guess it was a little funny how fast the family moved on after everything was over.



I’m making up a new genre to classify my music im calling it netmusic…

Its Music solely for the internet…


On a serious note looking back, boy have I made some shit music…


I think we all have/do. :crazy_face:


Austin powers the spacecraft