What made you laugh today?


Roisin Conaty: “Charm is like lube for evil.”


Rosie o’donnell debating Roseanne Barr
War of the roses




Amanda_13… :see_no_evil:


Dont Rage against the machine

Because its wrong

Machines have feelings to

If it doesnt work dont rage or get a new one

If you Console your machine and take care of it Properly there is no reason to rage against it

So dont rage against machines especially if they dont work because you know you can always fix it…

Fyi this isnt the matrix

Life lessons as learned by fixing a snow blower…

The more you know.



Lol @ some music I heard recently via YouTube recommendations…


Hilarious! :rofl: For the longest time I thought they were the same person… Trump straightened me out :sunglasses:


The hypnotoad from futurama…it just stares at you with a deadpan stare and emits a droning noise…and people fall in line because it does nothing but stare at you…its sorta ridiculuous.


Life and coincidence


People that confuse lots going on with lots worth listening to :rofl:


I saw an influx of hits on my new album, so I traced the clicks back to some blog / webzine and saw that it was coming from a shitpost that was trashtalking me. Although I was dying inside, I, too laughed at myself.


I can relate… for the first time, rather than just upload my latest track, I set a release date with the intention of promoting it over a month. (You know… like the Pros do) then between the holidays and getting a nasty cold :cold_face: I never got to it. Ironically… that turned out to be a good thing because on the day my new piece was released (wait for it…) A different release from someone with the same name appeared on my Spotify and Apple artist pages! (Presumably on ALL PLATFORMS!)

WTF!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Had to laugh at myself… :rofl:


Heres an MTV reality tv show that I just made up I’ll call it baking potatoes 420 @ ozone park…right so heres my story arc for the season…

Tyler likes Jennifer who is besties with jessica but Jessica doesnt like Tyler who is best friends with rob who is dating jessica but jess is cheating on rob with dave, and dave is currently dating Jennifer who has a crush on Ryan but Ryan has a crush on Taylor who is Jessica’s sister and taylor has a secret crush on tyler and Jennifers ex Jacob hates tyler because Jacob thinks Tyler is a bitch and Jennifer’s dad Greg likes dave but doesn’t approve of tyler…and Jessicas dad hal wishes his daughter Taylor was dating someone like Jacob.

Tyler is also frenemies with Jacob and Ryan both of whom are close bros and treat tyler like a third wheel but tyler knows this and is like whatever…
Taylor is frenemies with jennifer and has a sibling rivalry with jessica but is besties with meghan who is dave’s sister…and jessica and Jennifer dont like meghan…

So Next season shits gonna blow up I wont spoil it for ya but it involves a jar of pickles…tune in next season…


Papa Trump thicc


Lol that vid…well I guess that ruins the body positivity thing maybe…


Saw a horror-comedy, “Black Sheep” about killer sheep/weresheep. Good stuff.




funny because of internet flame wars