What are you listening to?


Since Its resurgence, I’ve amassed quite a collection of vinyl. I used to buy CDs when I was younger and still have quite a few (including a pretty much complete set of all the NIN halos). I have a decent record player, some low-to-moderate-end speakers, and a tube preamp. Nothing fancy but gets the job done. I have a little couch in my studio and will one or twice a week throw on a record. It’s kinda nice to just chill and listen without having to be at my computer or on my phone. I’ve been wanting to add some original pressings of things like SP to the collection, but they’re expensive and hard to find in good condition. (I’d fucking kill for a solid OP of Too Dark Park).

I feel like I haven’t heard the term EBM in a while, haha. I can see how all of those would get lumped together, especially fairly early on in that subculture. Kinda wish I could have been alive and old enough during those days. Would have been cool to see SP and others back in the day during their prime time (I’ve only seen them once, on the first part of their final tour last year. I got to meet them though, which was fuckin cool)

I think having this conversation makes me a little sad honestly. The way music is consumed now is so much different. I certainly never had the experience of buying vinyl or tape, but streaming wasn’t yet a thing either. I still had to go buy cds. Used to always have my headphones in and a Walkman in my hand or pocket. Was always fun to go to a “record” store and just browse through cds making impulsive buys based on how cool the artwork was (That’s how I discovered Fear Factory actually). There was something really special about the involvement and commitment you had to make to acquiring and listening to music.

Anyway, Now I’m rambling about a time I probably have no business rambling on about. haha.

Far removed side note, my dad had a bunch of vinyl when I was really young, during the early 90’s, lots of metal, Priest, Maiden, Accept, Ozzy, Metallica, Megadeth, etc. I used to love taking those(especially Master of Puppets) and play the 33’s at 45 so it sounded like chipmunk metal. haha! good times.


Well, here’s the vinyl. I have lots more if we include Download, cEvin Key’s solo stuff, OhGr, Tear Garden, etc. Also not showing the CDs and tapes but you get the idea :laughing:

I’m thinking about getting a few more older releases on vinyl. I have them all already on other formats anyway so that’s not a priority & I won’t pay stupid prices.


I’ve bought so many vinyl, CDs and tapes because of the artwork…! And frankly, 95% of the time, I ended up liking what I had bought.

This is one of the reasons why I never understood bands who don’t give a fuck about artwork and or have fugly art on their releases. To me, it’s part of the whole experience. If I am repulsed by the album art, I’m not in a good mind space to appreciate the music. It already tells me that I don’t like the band members’ taste… so how likely am I to like their music?


Nice! Thats such a cool collection. :slight_smile:


I have a few bands that I collect more than others. SP being my all-time fave, I do have quite a collection.

As I’m sure you know, collecting is a rabbit hole.


Hip hop in odd time signatures.


I rate it.

Been listening to an old IDMfer The Soft Greens on Bandcamp (circa Sounds for Skeletons). Highly, Highly recommended. His music sounds so much like Squarepusher it’s fantastic. Probably due to his Jazz education.

Refining his sound under a new alias “Lynyn”:


If you’ve got the time, check it all out.


Chelsea WolfeShe Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She

As usual with Miss Wolfe, a very pleasant album, full of intriguing atmosphere.