What are you listening to?

post/share any musics your currently listening to…i

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listening to the radio.
Godsmack’s latest “Legends Rise” just ended.
Followed by Korn’s “Got The Life”

90es never ended for you…

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I’m still waiting for the millenium to hit.:sunglasses:

been looking into this guy tonight.
nice to see a new rapper actually rapping.
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Tbh we need to go back to the 80s.


Been listening to a lot of black metal again this season, ever since the snow hit I’m back in the cycle of all that depressive shit.

Recently gave the new Prodigy album a spin, fuck that’s a fun album. One of their better releases imo.

Great Blingley, now I cannot get this song out of my head. :smirk: So I guess this is what I am now listening to.

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I’m listening to this kind of thing a lot lately, recommend me trippy, psychedelic or funky jazz, please!

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also, wb IDMF!

On repeat for weeks now:

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slaps hard


still one of the most fun metal videos ever.

Been messin around with the MS, which always leads me to this stuff.

Any questions? Video made by only 2 ppl…