What are you listening to?


I love that you mentioned her here. She’s from my town (Sacramento), and we used to hang around the same places, waaaay before she was selling out venues . This is more of a Wayne’s World “we’re not worthy” in my case, not me name dropping. She’s just cool af. I’d finish DJing in a living room at some house party and we’d all be chillin getting high afterwards she’d pick up a guitar , be all like “you guys wanna hear one of my songs?” and belt out these jams that stopped the room cold. she’s a straight up artist. Very interesting, very hip, and a fantastic guitarist and singer.


Pretty cool you got to hang out with her back then! Yes, she’s always struck me as very genuine.

I’ve seen her 3 times live and it’s always a great show (last time was last week in L.A. actually).

You may or may not know she had a rough childhood, to say the least. She was a victim of sexual abuse by her… grandfather. That’s very fucked up & obviously affected her greatly. This last album is about catharsis & how it is something you have to keep working on throughout your life. It’s great that she’s been able to work on exorcising her demons through her songs. Prob a reason why her music resonates with a lot of people (and especially women).

If one person deserves success, that’s definitely her.


This music from Ocoeur really helped me get through COVID lock downs. I say at my computer everyday working from home and had this playing through my headphones. Greatly helped with focus. Currently listening again at work to keep me in the zone. It really works.

“ Many musicians took to their craft as a means of solace during pandemic lockdowns by writing music for and of isolation. One such musician, Franck Zaragoza, who records as Ocoeur, took to his studio and composed pieces that came to him with a fluidity, making the lockdown a tad more bearable. However, this new album, Connections, was written with personal connections in mind, which Zaragoza focused on and strengthened during our collective confinement. As a result, Connections has a wondrous optimism yet still demonstrates the deep emotive vibrations and meticulous sound design that have resonated throughout his seven-album discography. Connections is Zaragoza at his finest, an amalgam of his soundtrack work, his discography thus far, and the influence of an unforeseen silver lining to the pandemic.”


Most excellent first excerpt & video from the forthcoming soundtrack. You can grab physical copies on Bandcamp.