What are you listening to?


This week’s potentially cringe playlist


I do like girly pop things but this… nope


Can’t remember if I posted that one. On the subject of girly pop things. I love everything about this song and video from last year. It is absolutely killer.


I have to say, Matt Lange’s new stuff has intrigued me. When I first heard of him (probably circa 2009-2010?), I was listening to and he was making a lot of trance, believe it or not. That’s probably where you’re getting the BT/Above & Beyond feels, but since then his stuff has been way more experimental. Cool track :slight_smile:


Don’t we all love an innovator.


If anyone is in to Tipper, this is probably the next in line:


This is tight.


Been jammin’ this hella recently. Love this weird ass music video.


Nice one! Sounds like a metal version of 65daysofstatic or From Monument to Masses


Here’s a great song from Ken Hiwatt Marshall I just stumbled upon.

Not only is he a genius mixer/engineer, he can also write! This will remind you of a specific Skinny Puppy album:


Oh yeah, like 4 seconds in my brain says “Last Rights”. haha


He has great videos about music production too. Great attitude and critically underrated, unfortunately he only posts once a month these days but he had a year or two where he was doing a video every week and I got some great ideas from him. There’s one or two where he just screen captured him doing an entire mix and then walks you through the process from start to finish.


Yep, saw a few of these. I’m conflicted because on one hand it’s most excellent to see him work, but on the other hand I like to keep the “magic” alive - not knowing how those SP songs were mixed/produced.

He did a few remix contests in the past. I remixed OhGr’s Bellew once but never sent my submission.


What’s most evident to me is The Process. The guitar riff & sound is identical. I was wondering if maybe he used outtakes from those sessions.


Yeah, I can hear what you’re saying about The Process for sure. I heard the reversed acoustic and it immediately reminded me of Love In Vein. haha.


Man, The Process is such a standout musically from almost everything else they’ve done. Need to sit down and give it a listen again soon.


TDP is the masterpiece, IMO. The Process has become my 2nd fave, overtaking Last Rights. It is unique and the sad circumstances around it have made it something deeply haunted.


Oh yeah, TDP was the first skinny puppy cd I ever bought, and It’s still my fav, seconded by Vivisect VI. I got revolver magazine as a kid, I still have the issue. Had a bunch of industrial music artists listed. I got on limewire and got some misc tracks, FLA, SP, NIN, KMFDM, etc… was hooked and started ordering cd’s off of ebay. In fact, I still have that copy of revolver… from like 2003 (EDIT: 2005) or some shit… let’s see…


Yup, here it is. the only one of these I ever kept from back in the day.


Nice one!

I’m slightly older :wink:

While I had known the Belgian bands (242, Poésie Noire, A Split Second, etc.) since the late 80’s and had a few tapes, I bought my first SP (Vivisect VI) in 1991. I had started my journey into what was then called “Industrial/EBM/Techno” (yes, it was called techno before what we consider techno became mainstream) with fLA’s Provision EP, some months prior, on the recommendation of a friend.

Mostly, I would roam the small indie 2nd hand stores and/or record conventions and look for something I might have heard at an underground club soirée, listened to at the store and/or spoken with friends about. I was pretty poor, so I bought most of my stuff used.

I also taped stuff and resold what I could. Nowadays I wish I had kept quite a few vinyl records from those days, instead of selling them to get the CD instead!! (for the young ones here, there was a time when buying vinyl became lame and annoying, and the CD was the medium to have). I still have some vinyl I bought then, thankfully!