What are you listening to?


Not sure how I’ve literally never heard of this band before. Sounds incredible

(ps, if anyone knows of similar bands please tell me!)




Skinny Puppy | The Process

I could talk about SP for days.

Too Dark Park has been my fave album of all time since I heard it in 1990. 33 years later, it sounds as vital as it did back then, which is rather incredible. But that’s not the subject here.

For people who know the SP history, “The Process” was the most difficult album they ever made. Long story short: Dwayne died stupidly (OD). The 1995 earthquake destroyed the L.A. studio & recordings. A lot of drug use meant that Ogre & cEvin couldn’t stand each other anymore and there was much interference from the label who were so eager to make big money because of Ministry & NIN becoming popular. Etc. Etc.

When “The Process” was released, nobody on the SP camp was happy about it. It was not finished, raw mixes were used and the death of Dwayne was casting a massive shadow on all this.

Of course, the record company didn’t give a shit and released the album.

Well, I am glad they did. This album is absolutely incredible. To this day, it is the most difficult SP album to listen to. I remember learning about Dwayne’s death and this was forever linked to his untimely passing.

But fuck me. It is so fucking good. Comes second to Too Dark Park IMO. Every time I listen to it, it makes my skin crawl. It takes my mind to crazy places. It is incredible.

I have no idea why I am writing this, even. I guess that’s what this album does to me. I listen to it once a year, if that. Every single time, it floors me. So from 1995 to this night in 2023… this thing is out of this world.

The Process is yours.


Defo going to give it a listen, based on this. I haven’t heard them before (or at least not in my optimal state of mind), so this should be really interesting :smiley:


I hated that album. I bought it the day it released and was completely disappointed. Must have listened to it 20 times back to back trying to find something I liked in it and just couldn’t.

I picked it up a year later and still hated it. I think I was still stuck on those first listens. I know I’ve heard tracks since then but it was always “oh, ugh, The Process”.

Based on your post, I’m going to give it a good hard listen in the next few days. I may still hate it, but my guess is that I’ve grown enough as a person and appreciator of art that I’m actually going to find something to enjoy. So thanks for the post, if only because it pushed me out of a stupid mental prejudice I’d had for the album and is making me revisit it with new ears.