What are you listening to?



Jazz before work today. I think you’re either going to love the vocal improv or hate it.


this track just blew my mind … the bass line around 2" is just nightmare !!!


Limp bizkit break stuff.


Polyphia technically wow…


It’s so weird to hear them now. I remember listening to them when they were still mostly just a rock band and apparently they’ve really blown up since then!

I don’t like their new sound whatsoever, but it’s always good to see bands become this successful


I’m on a soul/motown/R&B kick tonight.




That first album is top-notch christian rock. Sometimes I wish there would be another wave of bands like that



Right in the feels in a good way.


I’ve been listening to this mix the last few days. It’s really good!


The writing on this album is kind of genius


Guitar player: “Hey guys, we all love KISS, we should wear masks too.”
Singer: “Fuck yeah man, rock’n’roll!!”
Drummer: “what if we became M&M’s?”
Bassist: “Say no more, me mum can knit those!”


So I recently saw “Triangle of Sadness” – a great black comedy classist commentary that seems to be fairly polarized.

The final scene had this track playing, and it really cemented and dialed in a huge vibe for me. I’m not really huge on euro-dance stuff but this is a fucking banger. It made the film up quite a few points in my book just the way it ends with this. Incredible piece made during the pandemic.


Two of my favourites. Old Badun was life changing for me with dgoHn a current favourite. Never expected this collaboration


Have to check that movie out!


I got a huge sd card for my phone and put all my music on it, and set it to shuffle. Never know what’s going to come on but right now, it’s

“Infinity” by Eon, and that somehow crossfaded nicely into “Harvest” by Neil Young