What are you listening to?



Jazz before work today. I think you’re either going to love the vocal improv or hate it.


this track just blew my mind … the bass line around 2" is just nightmare !!!


Limp bizkit break stuff.


Polyphia technically wow…


It’s so weird to hear them now. I remember listening to them when they were still mostly just a rock band and apparently they’ve really blown up since then!

I don’t like their new sound whatsoever, but it’s always good to see bands become this successful


I’m on a soul/motown/R&B kick tonight.




That first album is top-notch christian rock. Sometimes I wish there would be another wave of bands like that



Right in the feels in a good way.


I’ve been listening to this mix the last few days. It’s really good!


The writing on this album is kind of genius


Guitar player: “Hey guys, we all love KISS, we should wear masks too.”
Singer: “Fuck yeah man, rock’n’roll!!”
Drummer: “what if we became M&M’s?”
Bassist: “Say no more, me mum can knit those!”