What are you listening to?



Just a couple of days ago I grew out of old school rap and started listening to thrill and phonk


I’ve been on a post-punk kick lately.


Still listening to NoFx West Coast VS Wessex


Those 1-2hour progressive chill dub tech house mixes…when doing stuff helps get stuff done…

Also edm complextro to boost my energy boots.


Thanks to A Tribe Called Quest’s “We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service”, I’ve been on a quest to find anything featuring Jarobi White (his verses in “The Space Program” and “The Killing Season” are some of my favorite moments on the album). So far, my favorite find is this:


This is John Frusciante’s single from his upcoming release. I heard about it from Aaron Funk on Facebook. It’s really good:


So many teenage memories.

I love you so.


Play it LOUD. Blow your mind.


RIP, Bill :heart:


If you didn’t know that fact, Treponem Pal’s guitar players were on Ministry’s ΚΕΦΑΛΗΞΘ.


On vient d’ouvrir les cages…

Fun fact for the young ones: The Young Gods were recording/sampling all their guitars themselves. Nobody did that back in 1989. Legend.


As amazing as it sounded back in 1987. Fucking incredible. The whole album.


“They don’t make them like this anymore” ~grandpa

I saw Cubanate in London back in 1997. Brutal & amazing.


While we’re at it…

Saw them in 1995 or so. Singer was like the Stiv Bators of Industrial. I wonder if he’s still alive.


OK I should go to bed. Leaving you with the masters.

To this day, this album makes me uneasy. While I am partial to Too Dark Park as the best album ever made, well, The Process is incredible and in a league of its own. RIP Duck.




Hey everybody, come over to the BB114 thread to listen to a few tracks submitted by IDMf members in the biweekly Beat Battle competition. Find your fav and vote here:


The beginning of this reminds me of Control by Aaron Taos: