What are you listening to?


Nice nod to Jodorowsky using this in the Dune trailer:

And feck…

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Serious question, are you high enough for this?



Always loved Propaganda’s singer’s voice. She has such a unique voice. Those songs take me back - they’ve aged well.


Have this on repeat omg the chorus.

Also sub pop is a label that I’ve semi followed over the years because they surprise me.


got that on vinyl, i used to collect all the wall-of-sound stuff


Time to put some Muzak on


I love my synthesizer more





I was rearranging my CD collection today and came across this. It’s interesting how this is the first synthpop duo yet they sound like TG or Cabaret Voltaire. Just goes to show, industrial and synthpop weren’t different things back then, and at the time this was just punk. Because that’s where it all came from.



I’m sorry, but like it or not you must get down to this:


The meaning! Sooo gooood~


Synaecide sculpted lens…congrats on being on spotify, you know who you are cheers.


New Deftones is so fucking good!!!



10 reasons why I keep coming back here…

1 - 10. Because Idmf is better than pitchfork when it comes to new music recommendations from non big name artists.