What are you listening to?




I really like this thread, I come here when i need something new but don’t have the time to search for it.

Really appreciated.



Here’s something beautiful - a collaboration from ambient/experimental luminaries.

That’s 104 people, to be precise (!!!)

AND it’s a free download.



Had a pretty good giggle over this.



Band seems kool




Got a nice variety today. :wink:



I realized today Prince will be gone 5 years already next April…though I’d slap this up here…just a little snapshot of the talent the world has lost.


Not that big a fan of Prince (I kinda like him, just never really clicked with most of his music), but I absolutely love this solo since I heard it the first time, thanks for reminding me of it.

I hope you don’t mind me babbling, but all that is ever taken away was a temporary gift in the first place. We can only celebrate the experience and the fact that it affected the world, as illustrated by the knowledge that it affected us as well.


Yeah, I know what you mean…but it’s also very much a case of all they could have gone on to do and share that we’ve lost, too…I think that’s what makes the passing of talented people all the more sad.

Like you, I wasn’t a huge fan…but there were a few classics he turned out though, that have really stood the test of time…and I always feel this clip just clearly shows him at his best in all areas.



tbh I am not too up on producers, so I have no idea who those people are. :sweat_smile: but yeah, I felt there was definitely some NIN influence, as well as some KMFDM (I think she has a pic wearing a KMFDM t-shirt I saw too). I see no reason to hate for having a similar sound to another artist, and I really like her stuff, so that is all I care about.


Re-watching The Boys S1 with S2 coming in a week or so. Had forgotten this little gem from Daniel Pemberton.

which is in a different key from

… no idea why.

So obviously have to listen to this:


Beautiful track by James Blake