What are you listening to?


Nice. Underworld is one of the very first Techno/Electronic groups I got into. Nostalgia explosion any time I hear them :+1::+1:



Post malone despite the face tattoos, and some of the clean produced mayonnaise teeny bop type hip hop computer music is actually a pretty good rock metal musician even some of the mayonnaise teeny bop music is good too.






Anna rules.

Quick FYI, in case you didn’t know: she has a new instrumental-only album coming out soon.


Because we all love weird female artists.



Nothing to add there, Anna rules. I’ll keep the new release in mind.

What a cool find, first time hearing MYRKUR.

And Heilung is a must. It was a surprise that Hellblade 2 used Maidjan in the trailer. I’m waiting for some epic ritualistic shit in the game.




Holy crap it’s the hamster song!!!


Nah, this is the hamsterdance song.

Still know that by heart from radio disney AM, one of three radio stations my mom’s truck got until I was in the third grade.


Never heard that one before today.


Stumbled upon her recently, quite an interesting artist. Looks like everyday girl but very intense. Her songs seem pretty heartfelt and just the right amount of weird.




Summer vibes, yo!