What are you listening to?


Yeah her voice is voice fits the genre for sure, just that I don’t really listen to it that much so I don’t really know any other artists that sound like her. The smooth vocals sound good especially with the reverb and the layering of the stereo widened harmonies. But it’s her rap vocals that I like most of all. There’s a characteristic to her voice that I like but can’t really explain. Her voice sounds like it has a very subtle raspiness to it that adds a little bit of punch, almost like sibilance in phonetics, and at time can sound a bit nasally due to her choice of words and how she pronounces them yet still smooth.

In this song in particular I like her use of pitch modulation to emphasis the end of a bar, when she “found him” at 2:26 the pitch change sounds really pleasant. I’m not sure what note she’s modulating to and from though. And I’m not sure if counts as yodelling but yodelling is essentially rapid pitch modulation from high to low, or low to high, and was used in other pop music specifically Avril Lavaigne’s track I’m With You which was massive when I was a kid so I probably have some nostalgia for that vocal technique.

Also I really like her use of of staccato in the second half of her rap section to break up the syllables of the words, particularly at the start at 2:40 when she say “play our fan-ta-sies out in real life ways”. It gives the vocals at really nice sense of rhythm and punch.

So I guess that’s probably why I like her voice, partly cause of how it sounds and partly cause of how she uses it technically.


Remember to tell your children before the out break there was a time when you could pop on a red tracksuit and play your Moog Voyager in the fresh air.


This vid bothers me for a stupid reason: I could not tell until I used full screen and froze the vid if the dude had a mustache or not. He does not, and I am disappointed. He totally looks like he should. Like a big 80s one. And some aviator glasses wouldn’t hurt.


The German guy in the Red tracksuit is quite a pinnacle force in the Eurorack modular scene as he is the founder/maker of the modulargrid website which every Eurorack owner on the planet visits to design their racks.
Ive also bought modules off him that he designed himself.


Really? That is cool! I have used that site to see exactly how much I will never be be able to afford to pay for my dream modular setup. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the song too. :slight_smile:



Still deep house. Found this on Ishkur’s guide to electronic music. Shoutout to nos for getting me there.


Don’t ask why, i’m just repeatedly killing neurons to some Tamil Michel Jackson. Musical exploration takes you places.


I’d wait for the sneers but don’t actually care :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like the entire mid-2000s rock scene. I liek it.

Ooh. Just looked it up. Mid 90s. Had me fooled, I didn’t think it was grunge enough for the 90s.




I’m afraid to admit how much this guy influenced me. Happy to hear some new material from him



Not heard this in a while, always loved that vocal sample…


This man is a beast


As proof of how terrible my taste in media can be, I remember this song only for being at the end of “Kangaroo Jack”. But I do love it. And that music video, it’s as California as country should ever be.


I have been really digging this new Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats. I’ll share some links of music when I can post links!


Altered States by Daniel McCagh on n5md. Great stuff, very inspiring!


Totally different/unrelated. Ryn Weaver has an incredible voice. Unique timbre, great technique. Has disappeared since her first album. I saw her live 2-3 years ago and she could sing the same way easily. No idea why she’s not huge.