What are you listening to?


To The Faithful - ITN. Incredible song, as vital as it ever was.

30 years later - where do all these years go?


Incredible song, great vid.


And totally unrelated. I may be drunk and should stop posting. Happy Easter, etc!




no sneers here, I like me some Hole (phrasing) I did not listen to them a ton back in the day but before Courtney hooked up with Kurt, which I think was just about when they brought this album out, it was gritty, dark and pretty cool. Still have it, I should put it in the old disk player and give it a spin again.




That feeling you get when you don’t listen to a piece of music for a long ass time and then you hear it again. Fuck I forgot how heavy Meshuggah are…


Shuggs have some hella heavy stuff. I remember hearing Nothing for the first time and being blown away.

They can be a bit repetative but that’s their technical schtick I think.

Tomas Haake is a fucking beast machine


There really just isn’t many bands that sound they way they do. Probably there is now seeing as how they more or less pioneered the whole Djent genre. But back in the day I’d say it was totally nuts hearing them for the first time with little to nothing to compare them to.

Definitely the repetitiveness is a factor that can be hard to get over. I’ve know a few people over the years who cite that as a reason they don’t like them. But like you said it’s their schtick. I personally love.


Agreed man, they fuckin’ slap. Any repetitive complaints could probably be matched with the fact that its just really good music to drone out to and study. Love the shuggies


Just found this today, fucking LOVE IT



Nice one :slight_smile:

Not a fan of the voice stutter/edit around the middle. That said, if they wanted to sound retro with that, they certainly succeeded.






oh yeah, partiboi69 is great. I like dip on the dance floor