What are you listening to?


just spend 20 minutes trying to find this song after hearing it in a YT mix…Loving this:


Industrial dance stuff, very harsh and scary.



i can’t begin to explain how much i despise the spotify model, One day they’ll own all our music and hold all the keys.

The Dissolvi album is also available on bandcamp :grinning:


I love Bandcamp moreso, I wish I could compile my own playlists on the site so I could stream them remotely from the library. I prefer it to Spotify for artist support most definitely!



dOWNLOAD | The Eyes of Stanley Pain




quarantine drone



The perfect blend of jazz and glitch. If I ever produce an album like this I think I could die a happy man.



Just fits the times, somehow.




Not big into the trap scene but something about Doja’s voice just rubs me the right me. Especially the contrast during the transition from smooth vocals to that twangy rap vocals.


An old one, sounds a bit ordinary but after about 3 listens the penny drops and your hooked.


The YT brought me there for some mysterious reason only known to the AI gods… havne’t heard this track in ages but absolutely loved it when it came out.


@far_darrig :

Re - Doja: I don’t hear her voice as different than what frequents that genre and all…she built fu-ckin raight, tho…what novel do you hear?


@nostromer: drone? Electro-ambient. Yes.


@Tsachi :

Re - dance stuff: scary?..sounds like an evolution of The Genetorturers…