What are you listening to?




Few hours sleep and back to work. Lets start with some awesome:




right up my alley


Lingouf - Eclozarea

Weird and brutal in places, as usual. Wish he’d stay more with the weird, like “Ange & Gruikk”, which is fantastic. Not big on his hardcore stuff.

PS: looks like I can finally post links, woo-hoo!


This band still rules


I really liked their first couple albums. I bought www when it came out and it was a bit of a shocking change. Still not sure about the Prodigy-esqe DnB rock stuff, but there’s some interesting bits on it. Cool tidbit: the original CD included all the samples they used in making the album. There was some cool sound design in there.


New ADULT., along with a wacky video, always fun…

I’ve been looking for new electronic music and been listening to a lot of Second Woman and SDEM. Very interesting and pretty inspiring stuff.




Loved Puw Puw Puw this type of minimal techno (let’s call it that) is crazy!

Saw this guy on Saturday. Cool experimental stuff.

I’ve been listening to this band for a couple of months now. It is not as experimental but it is a cool electronic.


Boards of Canada - Korona

o9 - Terminal Red

Skybot - Almost Dangerous

Autechre - Second Bad Vilbel

Qebrus - Vlcnmtr



They’re such a cool band… not nearly enough appreciation for how weird and innovative and cool they were.

Also, saw them open for Nine Inch Nails, and they were by far the loudest band I’ve ever seen, even louder than My Bloody Valentine.

Not sure how that could be, but they put on a good show either way.


Damn that’s nice, it’s the sound of new wave not quite being dead yet.





Vladislav Delay comeback album recommended by a colleague

some of that IDM shit


jazz IDM from german wonk expert Grischa Lichtenberger