What are you listening to?


Aleksi Perälä - The Colundi Sequence Level 17.3 LP, Objeckt - Cocoon Crush LP, RX-10 - Dopemine LP, Substance - Rise And Shine (Single), Skee Mask - Compro LP, Christoph De Babalon - Hectic Shakes LP, 0011010001010100 (Four Tet) also his curated playlist on Spotify and Josey Rebelle´s show on Rinse FM


Waaaaaaait a minute. You didn’t hang around Subvert Central did you? :smiley:


no sir :slight_smile:




Glorious new release from an IDMf lovely.



I wish I could remix…

Those padss…

Congrats @_ms


@_ms is always the best :beers:




Really tried to push the most out of it. Just want to clarify that it’s a rebranded 2013 album that got heavily remixed and remastered. Some bonus tracks were added too. This was quite a tough thing, not gonna lie. Especially trying to open old projects which was pretty much a mythical miracle and 50/50 chance if they will work (good reason why you should never delete old projects ever). Most of tracks were made in 2012 and I really tried my best to modernize them. Man, time really flies.


I know how that goes. I do remember the original album, still have it in my library. I think Glacial is a solid record, man. Good homage, revisit and continuation.


Forgot Kingsman started with this…

…which led back to…

…which didn’t lead to this. But hey…



3 more to go!


sex and violence :slight_smile:


Pure fuckin digital aggression.


Saw 'em live in October. They were freaking awesome!


Dude this is awesome. Really immersive!


Hell yeah Baby Metal :baby::metal::guitar:


Awesome soundtrack, if your into the 80’s Analog carpenter sound.