What are you listening to?


I return to this quite a bit. Fuck this turned out so god damn good. I really love this piece. @Jazzyspoon





Just discovered these dudes a few months back and been listening to them quite a lot. Great stuff.



whilst awaiting the release of the Behringer K-2, I’ve been enjoying the MS-20 in this track, Lamb are one of my favourite electronic artists






My other favorite form of music is Smooth Jazz.
It actually gets me grooving more than even edm, honestly.

This one came on this morning on my Pandora. Love it!

And yes, I really do feel this scene from The Jerk. :stuck_out_tongue:






I can recommend picking up this 2016 2CD-compilation of remixes and original productions by Larry Levan.

The sound quality and (re-)mastering on this release is just excellent!

The dude was clearly a brilliant producer as well as a great DJ.

Most of the tracks are great fun, but listening to them from a sound engineering perspective is inspiring in itself. Well, it is to me anyway.

The sound quality of the compressed versions of the same tracks on Youtube don’t do this release justice, so I’ll just leave Discogs link instead:



Man Jeff Beck rules. I’ve seen him live a couple times, he shreds.

Also, I love the Left Rights - great video. Jimmy Urine represent




House that might be too deep.


Very 808 State to the point it sounds like they basically sampled them :smiley:

Listening to this now…