What are you listening to?


You’re speaking my language man, I’ll send along my favorite mix of my favorite 808 state - which inspired my most recent track which might still be up on the LB called Ambient Dance something or other - when I get home.


Here we are. No dnb remix, no radio edit, just a laid back house track.


The New Alessandro Cortini album, bought it last Friday.
8 tracks, up til now the first 4 are superb.


I like moment when the girls singing



Unfortunately the rest of the album isn’t as good as this one but this track might be my favourite of his.





Before they got shite, they did amazing stuff like this:


that blaring drums and synths album

his live set looks like some noisy street drummer


Thanks for that, apparently I’ve never heard their good stuff. It sounds like PiL stuck in an elevator with Sisters of Mercy :slight_smile:


Remember Rabbit in the Moon? Great remixes.



City pop. It’s kind of like if Billy Joel was a japanese girl band from the 80s and played a jazzy rhodes.



doing my annual, autumn-time Amy Winehouse deep dive



lol you want who to score LotR? He’ll suck.

Still one of the best soundtracks ever.