What are you listening to?




I’m just going to say I’m listening to way too much ABBA and leave you all with that. Good night :slight_smile:


My guilty pleasures never cease to amaze me. This band is obviously shit, but my brain apparently thinks that’s OK now. Maybe this is what happens when you’re dying inside


Not a fan of much of his stuff but defo a very talented guy.


I finally have this shit on CD and I’m rather proud of it at the moment.


In a club and they’re playing My Girlfriend’s girlfriend.
Why am I typing from a club?
I’m in the dressing room and quite bored



Jazz. I listen to this guy every day as one of the presenters on my local station.

Not smooth, but it sticks to its key so it’s not totally freeform either. A lot of my favorite jazz plays in this middle ground.


It has a very late 50’s early 60’s band jazz feel to it…which is something I haven’t heard the ilk of for decades.



I mean does it ever get better than this?


When is someone else going to realize that WAVE/NEO is the best modern genre in electronic music? Jesus. I’ve been pitching this shit for a while now. Seriously.


This guy…just a badass.





I always loved this band as a kid. They still seem to be kicking ass


looking forward to this album dropping on the 27th



OK this is old fart music, but whatever.