What are you listening to?


Yes it’s like a mini mellotron,
I’m experimenting the same with a 424MkII


super cool live uganda drumming with a dude on synthesizers


I do love Cortini…


i stumbled over this while reading the bandcamp news feed… indeed interesting but i don`t like it that much…
Bandcamp article: https://daily.bandcamp.com/2019/04/03/snails-house-keitaro-ujiie-interview/


Do keep us in the know, I am curious as to this method being applied to any 4 track tape recorder. Its been discussed and I’ve had the question asked “Why not just get a digital multi-track?” thus making it more like a sampler rather than a mellotron with tape saturation…Personally I could see their point in a live scenario but I cant really feel justified in purchasing an 8 channel digital multi-track recorder for the sake of using it for that specific reason. Especially when my DAW can perform that same function in spades. My frustration mostly lies in that of the Tascam’s Ive come across, every fucking one of them has been beat the fuck up and more or less parts.


A few of my favorite tracks atm:

Jade Cicada - Sacred Trek

Memotone - Luaka

Richard Devine - Oustrue

Porter Ricks - Nautical dub

James Blake - Miles High


Been jamming this album a whole lot lately. Really amazing.





He was a member here at one or two different times.

I remember talking to him in a few posts.



this is actually everything i hate about all of the mentioned genres, all wrapped up into one easy package. please never link this again. I hate this. I grew a backwards mullet while listening to this, and that mullet was wearing hipster framed glasses. While sucking on a peach flavoured vape.





a friend of mine has reminded me of the brilliance that is Atari Teenaged Riot.
Please educate yourselves.
it’s…an experience, to say the least.


found this in a record shop… but did not buy it, listening to it now online :man_shrugging:


i don`t think it is that bad… as you @cyclops said… but yeah, there is more elegant and creative acid techno out there… not my favorite either … but the video is cool


I think cyclops was responding with his wall of “no’s” to the track I posted a while back up that was a genre mix of weirdness.



ohhh… no… ohh … yes… now i see your comment below that, and it is so obvious :sweat_smile:
thanks for pointing out #blindMe

PS: ah and now i heard the track you postet, i know what he means :joy:



the Golden Age of IDMf