What are you listening to?


you mean the snare around 4:00 Min ? that is totally panned to the left?
i did not found that sooo much annoying… but here and there the mix seems a bit harsh.
Overall i think the EP has a lot of personality, i like still like it.


Pretty sure he was on a lot of coke, if I remember correctly.

Weird timing. I was just listening to them yesterday for the first time in over a decade looking for things to cover. Nice and sensual stuff. I ended up settling on Deftones’ Moana.


Aye I was quite enjoying it like I said. Seems a bit schoolboy error to do something like that. And before anyone jumps on me, yes I know there are no rules, its whatever floats your boat :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw these guys on the ‘No 666’ tour and Aaron really struggled to keep up with Zach. I think it’s mainly because he’s a caveman and doesn’t really play inside of the proper pocket, so everyone basically has to follow him the whole time. Call it genius or retard but it’s probably a mixture of both

Plus they’re back to a two-piece since then so I don’t think the whole ‘band’ idea worked anyway


Both are good at what they do. He’s basically there to provide something for the drums to play off of, which is saying a lot considering how technical it all is. Honestly they’re both a little “sloppy,” but that’s what makes it fun.


alltime favorite, man. His live recording Bells & Prophecy is all the crazy 20-minute free jazz gospel you can wish for, and Love Cry is my favorite in terms of soulful freeform no-time.


Dude. YES. Ever (foreign flag) is one of my favorite tracks ever. Team Sleep rules, Chino is a god.



I heard this today on the way to work and I don’t even know what the hell to think of it.
I don’t think I like it, but I’m absolutely fascinated by it because it’s just such a chimera.
It’s like someone mixed dub-step, 80’s new wave, and late 90’s boy bands into a blender and poured this out as a result. Definitely different, and I’m always sucked into anyone who mixes different forms together.



That was quite a journey of different stuff. I also can’t say I like it… but damn, props to the composer for so many elements. Gets my respect, certainly.




I’m not drunk or lost, I just can’t get Relic to wake up and unlock the LB soo…SHEESHAAAHH!


Still makes me giggle that they had to rename this because nobody could find it to buy it when they didn’t know what it was called :smiley:


So i’m currently listening to Alessandro Cortini - Avanti album totally loving the track perdure…

It funny how the penny doesn’t always drop strait away, now I’m all over this track Perdonare, the emotion and that drive is pure bliss.



now thats a high quality jam right here!!


Huh, rammstein came out with a new video. Neat.


And his process in using a fucking 4 track Tascam tape recorder as a chord generator more or less is impressively outside the box. 110%


Whats this the 90s ended rigamaroll?!?!