What are you listening to?


The dude is an animal, his kit after a show looks like a crime scene

Can’t get more original than this guy


Those drums were pretty awesome brogner


Hell yeah man

This was practically the one and only cd I can remember actually listening though entirely without skipping a song. Can’t believe it’s almost 20 years old already





Never realized he was the drummer of Team Sleep. I love that project. (Anything with Chino from Deftones is god-tier).

That’s rad.


been listening to cityatworldsend new tracks all week, and about to dive into the past 11 idmf releases i missed jammin out to!!! … but right now i am listening to silence



Dude this thing is so nuts. I love it. There’s another video out there where it plays Dragonforce and it’s pretty gnarly. I kept wincing expecting something to break.

Some peoples engineering projects… haha… beautiful.


So many good tracks on the past IDMf albums, especially if you’ve missed 11 of them!!








In my little secluded world of electronic music, this finely crafted piece of art is King.


Was quite enjoying this until the hard-panned crash-snare. Thats really annoying :poop:


So, when I was out getting my new headphones the other week, these were three of the tracks I was using to audition, as I love the amount of different things going on in them, but everything is still well defined.