VCV Rack


i resemble that remark.9788dbba8b1746da0b83578709d12339


I think (at least there was) a program called veeseevee X64 or something to that effect that basically allows you to open Rack in your plugin browser, As if it were a VST. But yeah by far loop midi is the way to go.

Also, The stand alone will still be free of charge. This is particularly nice for myself because honestly Its hella easier for me in terms of CPU and dubbing to tape keeps my options open…Options are great things to have.


So Rack has been quickly updated to 1.1.0
This is good ,as many modules have been updated ,but the best of all things Bridge has been updated!
and i have been using it in ableton with no problems. audio and midi.
its a little convoluted for me but its easy enough.


This thing’s like crack. Free crack. Comes with it’s own pipe and torch. Jesus.

The hours slip away and I don’t have anything concrete. The only upside is I’ve got it running through Ableton and recording the jam, so I might be able to pick out some interesting bits later.

But yeah, crack rock.


yeah me to! had to put it away so i could try it w/reason…
hooked.more to come soon.


We live in wonderful times.


There is a free Reason Rack that was designed with VCV in mind.I can see VCV working exceptionally well with Reason.


well since bridge was fixed in v 1.1.0 it is plug and play in reason 10.
so been having some ideas with that.much fun is being had.
ahem of which rack do you speak of? out with it man…links pictures 8x10 glossy’s
Blueprints diagrams …well?


Made the appropriate correction.