VCV Rack


Thank you sr.


And pretty damn good at doing it too from what I can gather from Renoise users.


Man been using renoise for 12 years now. It’s how I think of constructing music now. It’s ingrained in me ROFL. Such a fast work flow and you can do sooooooooooo much midi wise.


Undocumented fix for touch devices: Open settings.json with a text editor and change “allowCursorLock” to false.


the greatest part about the VCV Host plug-in, is that if you have hardware devices such as synths that also have a VST editor and you have a audio interface with DC coupled ins/outs then you can use CV to control all the parameters. It’s opened a whole new sound design dimension to many of my hardware boxes.


Man that is badass. Can’t wait for ver. 1.0 to do that with hardware with out gui’s


I’m curious if it would work with the Microkorg editor, Granted the patch editor software is standalone and not VST.



If you think about it, $99 is reasonable considering you’re essentially not just buying 1 VST but 100+ But yeah, Its worth taking the plunge.


Unfortunately it wont in respect to using VCV Rack’s “HOST” plug-in/module. It only works with VSTs.


Also, if anyone wants some good quality VST editors for hardware devices to use in VCV Rack or otherwise, this person makes some nice ones at a decent price.


How do I use it with a DAW?


Right now it still supports bridge which is more or less making your daw a rewire host for vcv rack.

This video is a very good resource and will explain it in detail. Now 1.0 will be built as a VST, At a cost of $99.


v1.0 is out:


you beat me to it!
i noticed some modules i bought are missing though,hora ,and blamsoft?
however i am impressed with v1.


Aww yea boi

Just when you thought something great couldn’t possibly get better


Been fiddling with it all morning. It’s scratching that hardware twiddly-knob itch pretty damn well. 1.0 is a winner.


Is anyone else having trouble bridging MIDi from Live 10.1? Direct inputs are all working as normal, but I’m missing that Live integration right now


i read that bridge is not being developed any more.that daw integration wont come till the pay v2 comes.
however i also read that for live 10.1 if your part of the beta program,you can dl cv tools(which i have now).
and loop midi is reported to work.i am just now looking to get this to work in reason and ableton so stay tuned.
also stellaire link.


Bridge works fine for me in Ableton 9.

You damn dirty early adopters get what you deserve. :stuck_out_tongue: