VCV Rack


Hey…thanks a lot. I haven’t had the time to dive into it but I know it is really good.


Has anyone got more information about the VCV Rack Bridge VST. I’ve been trying to work with it within Ableton but I haven’t managed to do so.
Please, somebody help me?!?!?!


Me neither. But the potential this software has is gigantic. I need to learn how to and then I will expand my sonic capabilities to higher levels of consciousness.


Works fine for me

I just used the audio module, selected channel 1 (set it to bridge mode) and went to town. I also use a separate audio track routed within Live to record the input. I know there’s probably a quicker way to do it, but this makes me feel more like I’m jamming with gear that I don’t have enough money to buy.

The more I delve into this, the more ‘analog’ it sounds. Plateau is an instant classic 'verb that i’ll be going back to quite often, I haven’t quite figured out some of the crazier shit like Blackhole yet, and last but not least getting down triggering synths with MIDI, sequencers and even other oscillators as inputs has been a pure fucking blast.

I feel a new obsession coming on


Yeah. I will give it a try. Thanks a lot


I’ve spent the last hour on Modular Grid. Bad idea…


Are you meaning that you are trying to load VCV as a plugin in Ableton?


@JvS yep… That’s exactly what I meant. I will try with Vcv bridge. I think I need to configure it properly… Do you have any idea how to?

The same method applies to bridge with any daw from my understanding.


That’s it. I will try very soon.
Thanks a lot


Keep us posted on your endeavors!


Also, Piano roll has recently been offered as well. This thing is damn near a stand alone DAW.


This is kind of what I’ve been thinking, too. They could almost market it as a free modular daw

I used to think audiomulch was cool but holy balls


Ok, so I made a patch for Live users who don’t know how to set things up. It’s a really basic setup with no ADSR or anything cool, but it’ll give you a plucked sound that you can trigger with your MIDI controller / QWERTY of choice when you arm it in Live. Just use bridge in Live as a VST, obviously on an armed MIDI track.


I’ve never really took the time to understand the functions of trackers like PureData, But from what I understand of the workflow it seems there are a few similarities. Though I will admit I am by no means good with VCV rack yet, And completely out of my element with the tracker DAW business.


Who told you that?

Making sounds IS doing something with those sounds, btw.

You’re going to die soon. Why waste your time recording?


Trackers are for people who see music like the dirty rebels see The Matrix in the movie The Matrix.


You make great points, Thom. I too see trackers like the matrix in the sense that it begins as a trickle of binary patterns that quickly grow into a flood of information…In the words of the moononites “you people and your 4th dimension.”


This channel is def worth checking out for all sorts of ideas and inspirations. Additionally it was announced earlier today that VCV rack 2.0 will be getting a huge overhaul and integrated into a full fledged VST, And with that same announcement it was made clear that VCV Rack 2.0 will no longer support bridge compatibility (Apparently Logic users will be most impacted by this). It’s currently priced at $99 USD.


Puredata is a visual programing language and Trackers are sequencers, that use vertical timelines for sequencing. :slight_smile:
Renoise is a modern take on the tracker concept.