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VCV rack is really taking off. it seems that it is rapidly dominating the VA modular market.
bookmarking this to keep up to date


Host/FX VST goes even further with it. Below is a wip I put together in about 20 minutes. I love that it’s a great tool for learning not only how to patch, I fucking love it.


yea this addition looks awesome! i havent tried it yet though, but im keen to. it opens so many doors.


Hey nice one. Can you send me a link to download it. I really want to get into modular you know. Cheers.




Hey… I just wanted to make modular beats like drum Synth and all that sort of venetian snares madness.
Am I going in the right direction?


Its the greatest feeling of sensory overload.




Wait, this thing is free?

Also, first impression: I routed shit to the mixer but I can’t hear anything!



you probably didnt route audio to the I/O module. that is like the audio output that sends signal to your physical I/O ports.


Yep. I didn’t believe either.
Go nuts!!!


That thing looks pretty deep.


Youtube is full of videos demonstrating what can be done with this thing. I come across this one today…


I’ve spent the past few days fucking around in this and OH MY GOD. I didn’t know I could hear shapes and colors until now


I really like VCV Rack, but I hardly ever use it. I really only open it up to play around and make some wild sounds, but I never actually do anything with those sounds. :man_shrugging:


Well, neither do most folks that have modular hardware. Except maybe posting YT jams of chicken farts randomly arranged.


This is almost like cheating though if I can do warp magic on the weird dissonance I’ve created and layer it on top of more of the same

If real rack owners can’t do that, they should just do this instead :smiley: