VCV Rack


I feel the same way, Its hella more stable in stand alone as well, You wouldn’t think but some of the modules are RAM intensive AF!!


I agree that digging into the guts of a VST can yield some interesting and unique results, But you just can’t smell color like you can in VCV rack.


Same. It’s almost more traditional to not save, and instead make something new later



I got miRack a few days ago, which is an iOS port of VCV Rack for my iPad, and it’s great. Also just saw the news that 2.0 is coming sometime around February and will finally provide support for using multiple sound cards at the same time. That was the reason for me giving up on it in frustration the last time around. So for these two reasons, there will probably be a whole lot of VCV Rack love in my future.


I read about a low-resource version of VCV rack a while ago and could never find the information again. My MacBook Pro can’t really handle more than a handful of modules, just wondering if anyone had any info on this, or tips to improve performance.


To get around the same problem, I just resample. You can use bridge as an effect, so you can run what you’ve already made back through VCV rack with your additional modules.

And as usual, if anything similar can be found elsewhere (like inside your DAW), just finish the job there.


My issue is I want to do real-time processing with hardware, so that’s not really an option. I don’t need sound generation as much as I need sound processing.


I can help you. Write me.