UE5 Metasound as a modular synth - Tutorials, discussion and more


This is the one about different kinds of step sequencers in Metasounds that I was mentioning above - probably will be the last for a while, but gonna try to make more sometime this year :smiley:


Started a new series with quick videos on trying out some ideas and basic stuff in metasounds:


And another one, made a few short ones on some very basic game sound effects:


Today: a basic car engine sound and a delay-based reverb with EQ:


Here are some more - a strange vibrating thingy with on/off switch, some basic menu/UI sounds, how to control a beat from within a game and some bird sounds:

I think I’m gonna do more on connecting Metasounds to gameplay since I’m having a lot of fun with an “endless driver” I started in which the engine sounds and the music are controlled by driving speed ^^ I also decided not to start any more games beside the three I’m already working on until I actually finished one :crazy_face: