UE5 Metasound as a modular synth - Tutorials, discussion and more


I uploaded a quick 2 min text-based overview or simple tutorial on UE5 Metasound generative audio:

Feedback is very welcome!

More stuff documenting my UE5 adventures might follow…

Also, feel free to use this thread for anything related to UE5 Metasound or game engines as modular synths…


That’s fucking brilliant!
Please post more.
I haven’t had any time to delve into this but the potential is amazing, just imagine how easily something like this could be connected to gameplay elements!


Thank you, glad you like it!
And yeah, the possibilities are crazy. Really cool system, just touched the surface of it so far. Gonna make some more experiments over the next few weeks and months…


Very good video…was expecting the background music to be more exciting.

But the video is very good.


Thank you!
Yeah, it’s really just the basic elements of a beat to show how to do it in principle. I think I’m gonna do some game audio SFX type patches next, then I’m gonna try to combine it with gameplay elements and then maybe I will try my best on a real DNB beat or something like that hehe…


Next UE5 tutorial, this time on basic generative ambience SFX…


Got another one coming up in roughly 45 minutes if you want to join the big premiere LOL: