Solfeggio, 432 Hz, binaural beats and other forms of sound healing

Hey all, I discovered that I like Solfeggio frequencies despite being skeptical about the theoretical background. There are some papers reporting positive effects on the endocrine and nervous systems and mayn people who say it’s complete BS, but I didn’t read that much on it - if it works for my ears, I like it.

Yesterday I tried combining Solfeggio frequencies with binaural beats. It works for me as relaxing background noise, so I uploaded a short video. Let me know if it heals your DNA or induces anxiety:

Oiginally I wanted to just post my video in a different thread, but then I searched for Solfeggio here and didn’t find anything, so I thought it might be an interesting topic for this forum to discuss. So, let me know if you think that stuff is repairing your DNA or completely pseudo-scientific new age mumbo jumbo.


Here are two related papers:


love this. listening now


This kind of sounds like a paulstretched solar fields track :smiley:

Doesn’t this tie in with the gateway process? I think all of the CIA research (even though most of it was outsourced IIRC) leading up to that is pretty intriguing, especially considering the fact that a lot of this pseudoscience kind of had potentially-plausible origins at one point in time.

I’m sure it’s all been debunked or just neglected because it’s all bullshit anyway, but I see nothing wrong with something that calms people down, or that people believe works for them. I deal with a lot of overstimulation due to ASD and there’s really nothing better at times than a soothing drone or ambient album to calm me down. In that regard, I think all music has healing properties to some degree, whether it energizes, relaxes or does something otherwise noticeable for the listener.

Also, if anyone wants to make their own binaural beats, I've got some free DL codes as usual! I even marked each of the frequencies with their purported effects, to enhance the voodoo and mystique of it all

I also remember scouring the internet for this type of shit 20 years ago because I was a really gullible teenager and used to find [you know what kind] versions of software where you could tweak and customize your own binaural beats and essentially upload presets for others. People had wild creations that would supposedly make others’ teeth hurt, cause minor hallucinations or seemingly make them feel intoxicated. While I’m sure 99% of these ‘reviews’ were planted, I couldn’t help but wonder about the 1% who probably did experience something, whether it was due to the power of suggestion or something else. The ‘what if’-s about shit like this kind of keep me awake at night to this day and I remain fascinated by whatever that is regardless :slight_smile:



That’s interesting, I haven’t thought about that stuff in a long time, but I just read a bit in the manual and it reminded me that I atually had a book about remote viewing decades ago. I think I gave it to a girl who gave me a book on or by Crowley that I still have somewhere. Not sure what exactly, but it was not Diary of a Drug Fiend but something more crazy :laughing:

No idea about the specific ideas behind the Gateway stuff though and how they relate to Solfeggio frequencies and binaural beats. I guess I have to listen to those tapes to check it out. If you know more about the ideas behind that stuff, please share :smiley:

Yeah, that’s my general view of it, too. I never really looked into the esoteric aspects of music-making since it didn’t give me anything when I checked it out before (I think that was mostly binaural stuff and 432 Hz tuning), but over the last few days I really started enjoying Solfeggio frequencies and Solfeggio tuning. I think I’m gonna do more with it in the future.

Yeah, some crazy stuff makes you wonder and think of what’s really possible. I wrote in conspiracy-related forums for a long time when I was younger, mostly on the skeptical side of things and more about politics, but sometimes some esoteric ideas or reports from some it’s-totally-true-man-believe-me type individual resonates for some reason. In general, if it’s unfalsifiable stuff, I try to keep my distance but a tiny bit of an open mind at the same time…


I’m just gonna drop these here having not read much of this thread…

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Thanks for the links, haven’t watched the videos yet, but I heard of the WW2 stuff as related to 432 Hz! 432 Hz is sometimes called Verdi tuning, because he supposedly switched to it at some point, and he was appropriated by the Italian fascists, and in much later times it is also connected to the Schiller Institute of LaRouche… Def a very suspect frequency :smile:

Personally, I checked a few historic tunings, but at the moment, I think I like 444/528 Hz best.

Do you have any experiences with regard to any non-440 Hz tunings or with binaural beats?

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Not really, I can probably count on one had the number of times i have adjusted tuning in that way, and maybe one time did i adjust my daws A frequency and played around a bit, but i’ve never composed any pieces using those techniques.

Sometimes I tune pitches in my modular sequencer by hand until i get something that i like, but thats the only way i have ever created anything in non-standard tuning to my knowledge. Even then, I only do that because I don’t have a quantizer on my eurorack yet, aside from PNW and what is built into Braids. I don’t really think thats the same thing as what is being discussed here though.

I’ll clarify too, I’m not like a hater on different tunings or anything, i think that stuff can have interesting and cool sounding results. When we get into health benefits and stuff like that though, thats where i’m quite skeptical.

I should probably read through the content on this thread more fully. haha. Hopefully I didn’t come off the wrong way here, I just saw the thread and it made me think about those videos.

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The discussion is open and not very long in any case, so I would say it’s kinda on topic :grin:

And I get where you are coming from, I never cared for any of that stuff until I discovered that I like Solfeggio frequencies. I think I’m gonna play around more with different tunings in the future though, because why not - I don’t really care if my stuff could be categorized easily by systems like the one Beatport uses showing the key of tracks. That might be something to keep in mind if one wants to get played by DJs though, but that’s the only real argument I see against using different tunings…

Yeah, as stated before I’m skeptical with regard to that, too, even though I don’t rule it out at this point. I have only read a few studies on it so far and it seems that research on it is still very limited. But I might dive deeper into that area when I find some time, since I think the question if there are benefits or even just commonalities in terms of preferred tunings, especially if contrasting with current traditions, is interesting.
At the same time, what matters most to me is the simple question if I personally like a tuning or not.

No need to read all for commenting, I’m happy about any feedback and links on the topic, but it’s just a few short posts so far, so it should be possible :laughing:

I’ve got this uhhh… VST (we’ll call it that for now) that can supposedly change your master tuning so you can make music like a normal pleb but have everything be 432hz or whatever you want.

I’ve kind of been looking to gain some flat-earther fans though so it’s probably worth all the strange routing to get it to work right :smiley:. But on a serious note, I think it could make for a cool experiment nonetheless. I might also open my third eye in the process


What program is that if it’s ok to ask? You make it sound mysterious since you don’t mention the name :grin:

I’m looking into making some tracks using audience-targeted frequencies such as 420 Hz for weed heads and 1748 Hz for old-school conspiracy theorists… :laughing:

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