The Tutorials Thread


Share any tutorials you think are helpful, I would make one myself but I’m not that savy here are some tutorials that have helped me


Still the best sound design tutorial out there.

Synthesizing a kick drum

Jesus fuck I give up it will never embed fuck everything.



I tried a dozen random YouTube videos, every single one worked fine except for this one link you are trying to post. I looked at @Artificer 's post and he isn’t doing anything but dropping the URL like you are. Dunno man. Works fine for tons of random vids on my end…


LOL that was blk, not me. We both apparently have weird blue swirly pics.

I’m laying claim to mine first, but he’s actually posting useful stuff, so I guess you’ll just have to read names. :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess is that whatever parses those links is having trouble with the dash at the beginning. Probably not a common thing and whoever coded the parser didn’t allow for it.


lol oopps…you can tell it is the end of the semester, I’m fried.