The Tutorials Thread


This is lame. I grow so much so i can listen to trance or psy trance. :rofl::rofl::grin: But yeah nice guy and nice music for lil pump!


I think Reid Stefan live stream videos are very informative in case of information . Check them , it’s here


made a tutorial on how to destroy transients…thanks guys for leading the way…

also made a tutorial for beginners about sidechaining to a filter/equalizer…eh

@1roomstudio just to better help visualize what i was talking about with glitch


Wow… I’ll have to check this out on the weekend… too overwhelmed at the moment! :scream:

Thanks for sharing :sunglasses:


Your skills with FL Studio are incredible!



That opened my ears … in a good way. I’m beginning to tune in to the logic a bit now.

Thanks for sharing :sunglasses:


apparently after talking to a youtube user they decided to make a better quality breakcore tutorial…it sorta made my day…


and a quick idm glitch tutorial how to glitch as you switch between different sequences


me futzin around and creating space in a track (without stereo imaging)


Hey. Can you please post it?