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another breakcore tutorial


What time signature is this and why time sig. are chanched

btw it is the best breakcore tutorial i’ve seen .


read this article : izotope tuto it’s quite informative on the subject.


Changed the time division to get an odd groove.
Think like a metronome…in between the pulses you can divide the time by an odd number or even number. Dividing the time by odd numbers gives it swing.

As far as what time sig… standard 4/4 main beat I guess but the fills the in between stuff are 10/7 or something.

Why because it’s weird and different. Also challenging to make it sound good which makes the process more fun.


Well @ BFK … that was a long weekend ( since November!:man_shrugging:) finally got back to this… must admit I was completely mystified by the first few minutes of the tutorial… but as the sounds started to build up it started to click… literally.

Fascinating… something to think about

Thank you for that :sunglasses:.


@Redukt, and anyone else that is curious… my peak controller trick for glitch wub fills fully documented


another peak controller usage tutorial