To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Hah. I had to do Xbox triggers a few months back. Same story, 45 minutes to learn it, 10 minutes once you know you won’t break it.


Thought this was cool as heck. I might have to check out that emulator and save $500


Cleaned up my shed out back:

Some young deer stopped by to say hi to me as well while I was working on it:

And earlier this morning I got around to watching my 4K disc of The Dark Crystal. It was just…chef’s kiss


Today I introduced a couple friends to an abandoned property I like.


Lol, where are you that you can just go out and find that? In Cali that’s either filled with stray animals or people who’ve moved in. Or worse, some property developer would have bought up the plot and get a variance to put a triplex on the lot and then only give parking for one car. Those guys can burn in hell.

I actually am excited, I go in for an interview Tuesday with Spinlaunch. I’m meeting a bunch of the higher ups about a possible job there, which would be a cool conclusion to my job search.

What will be really cool is watching how my company reacts to my two week notice when I finally get to hand that in. I’m the only accountant they have in the country and I helped develop the tools we use to do the work, so I’m kinda sorta (slightly) irreplaceable. (can you tell I fantasize about this on a daily basis?).


Lol, I live in a small college town/tiny city in Illinois. Very different than Cali.

Good luck with the job stuff! I’ve been house hunting for the last two months and it’s been pretty stressful in spots, but that’s how it goes.


Today my friend gave me Flash Gordon on 4K for free, and I got the first of a few free three and a half hour tattoo session from my friend for the collage I made her that I posted in the art thread. It was just doing touch ups and redoing the color scheme of part of my tattoo from somebody I no longer want to do business with, but it looks a lot nicer!


lol, I’ve never seen Flash Gordon, caught a bit of it on cable a few weeks ago and it doesn’t seem like the movie that needed a 4k remaster. I’ve been surprised by some of the hits and misses though. Dune (the new one) didn’t do much for me in 4k after watching it streaming (on my 15 inch laptop) the first time, but the classic Star Wars trilogy looks great (in an “oh I can see these lightsabers were hand animated” way). I also liked Kill Bill in 4k, really brought out the film grain in some of the scenes. Animation has been hit and miss, and I was told that’s where you can really tell, so I dunno.

Oh god I think I’m becoming a cinephile…


Good news friend, I think you found one:

Needs a little work.

In all seriousness, wishing you the best of luck. The world is a bit better when you spend more time collaging and working on your tunes, so I hope you succeed soon.


Yeah, good luck @Vlantis!


@White_Noise - So far I’ve been a big fan of the 4k discs I’ve watched (don’t do streaming) after properly calibrating my TV (I bought a new 65 inch to replace my old one about three or four months ago, but haven’t really had the time to buy and watch a lot of movies) I was watching Blade Runner and popped in my old bluray to compare and was blown away by the difference, but I’ve always been a dork for that stuff, just a late adopter to 4k. Wish I would have bought some of those combo discs back in the day, but it gives me something to slowly work towards. Most recently watched The Dark Crystal and that looked fucking amazing.

I bid on a house tonight and highballed it, since there was already another bid after just three hours. Hopefully I get it. It’s in a nice spot and was underpriced. We shall see.

Today, I upgraded the laptop @nose gifted to me during pandemic times. Cloned the old hard drive into an SSD and upgraded the RAM (also found some missing code a month or so back that was keeping it from upgrading and recognizing the graphics card). Been playing some Black Mesa for the last week.

Makes me wonder if I could have gotten my old one working, but I wasn’t very used to that stuff back then, and it was early pandemic and I was a crazy person. Kinda wish I kept it just to open up out of curiosity, but I saved the hard drives and scrapped the rest. This current laptop also has one of those tiny hard drives that I didn’t even know were made that long ago until I added memory to my PS5 last month. :stuck_out_tongue:


Always save your good parts, if you have the space. You never know when you need to rig something up in a pinch


I honestly only ever started tinkering a couple years ago, and that was with this laptop (and replacing my HD and redoing the thermal paste on my old PS4 Pro). I did donate some parts of my old laptop to my sister after it died, but that thing was kind of a Frankenstein’s Monster by that point lol. I also don’t have the space, and haven’t for the last few years. I did like that old laptop, as it survived being stepped on by a drunk person.

I’ve enjoyed upgrading random stuff though. I don’t have anything to mess with at the moment, but it’s always a good time. Post-Japan (which is now eight years ago), I only ever used my laptop for movies, the seldom old game, karaoke parties, and making music (which I don’t do anymore).

I brought the old breaking laptop to a couple places, but it was never fixed. This was during early pandemic lockdown days, and I was completely broke (actually was broke for a while before that). My mental state was also very fragile for about five year, and I was always obsessed with getting rid of anything I didn’t need. It was actually pandemic that finally got my ass back in gear lol.

Anyway that’s my wall of text! Lost a bid on a house because I was told I didn’t include a pre-loan paper with the bid, even though I have one at my house, and my realtor told me he’s never seen that be a factor in 30 plus years in the biz, so I shall be including my pre-loan approval papers with any bid just to be on the safe side. Place was up and sold in hours, and I went well above asking price. House hunting is stressful as hell right now.


My son’s visiting from Japan and we went to a Blue Man Group show where my friend’s husband has been performing for twenty years. Never been to a show before, it was pretty cool! Not what I was expecting and pretty weird in spots in a good way.


Looks like a very down to Earth Venue… I bet the place rocks when the band is on fire and the drinks are flowing! Played lots of places like this when I was growing up and learning my chopd back in small town New Hampshire. @White_Noise is absolutely right about how this would never last in Cali.


My son is visiting from Japan and we got to go to the legendary Galloping Ghost! Pictures do not do this place justice. This is just a fraction of what they had.

The original Death Race cabinet!


It’s that time of year again (in a few hours). I never have any luck with these but I’m sure some of you do!


Pharrell happy… song


Bumping cause of positivity


Bro 1000k post in the happy thread