To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


1001 posts in le thread…

Yay for happiness.


Growing my business. I’m looking to employ someone very soon, which will take it to the next level :muscle:


Euclidean rhythm in breakcore


late to reply but I’m glad you’re still getting use out of that thing! It was a good model I was just too lazy to fix the screen and wanted to help a buddy :slight_smile:


My wife got me new monitors for my birthday. The last pair I had were $150 M-Audios from like 2008 (which somehow lasted about 15 years), so this is a pretty huge upgrade

The downside? Hearing all the parts of your mixes that you don’t like :smiley: . Good problems to have, though.



I’ll have that fucker paid off in two years.

And it has a garage!