To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


1001 posts in le thread…

Yay for happiness.


Growing my business. I’m looking to employ someone very soon, which will take it to the next level :muscle:


Euclidean rhythm in breakcore


late to reply but I’m glad you’re still getting use out of that thing! It was a good model I was just too lazy to fix the screen and wanted to help a buddy :slight_smile:


My wife got me new monitors for my birthday. The last pair I had were $150 M-Audios from like 2008 (which somehow lasted about 15 years), so this is a pretty huge upgrade

The downside? Hearing all the parts of your mixes that you don’t like :smiley: . Good problems to have, though.



I’ll have that fucker paid off in two years.

And it has a garage!


Not today, but last Friday, I saw Otto Von Schirach live finally. What a banger. I hung out with him and got him to sign my 666/666 copy of Pukology. Made my year. i’ve had that vinyl since 2006. What a kickass dude, he puts on a great show. Just enough crazy and bass stuff with IDM mix ups.


oh yeah, for today, I guess, my death metal band got invited to open for Bell Witch. For the uninitiated that’s a pretty big gig. Should be cool, we’ve somehow had a really good opening run for being a new band. Finally getting my stamina back on an acoustic kit having played a Roland electric for a decade.


Wleocme back @nose


What did he play? One of my first breakcore/digi grind CDs was “Global Speaker Fisting” from 2004. Completely blew my mind that album


Opened with The Blob of course, played some stuff off Maxipad Detention, had a big interlude with Pterodactyl (hilarious) – and lots of random stuff inbetween… Finished up with Draculo which makes sense. I’m not as much a fan of his crazy miami bass stuff but its hilarious and fun. He had more than enough breakcore in there to make it memorable.

He’s also a super awesome dude to hang out with, really down to earth for being an absolute loony bin showcase on the stage.


Falcon just got a hefty update (to version 3) and didn’t cost anything. Pretty stark contrast to having to upgrade AAS’ Multiphonics for an extra $50 to version 2, and a rarity in the broducersphere.


Finally bit the bullet and ordered some custom frames for some old collages I made that have weird 1/8 inch measurements (I was just working with whatever I had on hand). Gonna rework that blue one a bit as my next project, but it feels nice to get them properly framed after five or six years.


Went to my friend’s place to get some mountings for my frames, but it quickly turned into the cat show.


Those are really cool @Vlantis.

The blue ones is a little creepy for my taste, but they both have excellent composition.

Thanks for sharing

P.S. the cat knows something :cat2:‍:black_large_square:


Thanks! I have a bunch posted in the art thread if you haven’t seen them.


Home decorating is finally coming together! The last few weekends I’ve had sinus issues and haven’t done a lot around the house. Back to my old two job schedule so working a bunch.

Deep dove and got some tapestries that didn’t suck and are very much my style. Borrowed a steamer and smoothed them out, but still want to make hangers for them. I’m trying to get a lot of house stuff done before my old girlfriend visits from Japan, but I’m done for the day and will be working on a small collage. Anyway, I think it looks good (the smaller pictures are my collages).