To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Glad xnoisex is back. I think…


I’ve become a festival junkie. Went to several festivals with more planned. Im inspired to make music again and live life


I sold my older bigass TV to my friend for 40 bucks and finally upgraded to a 4k! Still calibrating everything, but it looks nice. I see movie disc upgrades for the foreseeable future. Played a game of Rocket League with my old girlfriend and was basically distracted by everything on screen the whole time.


I just did a Pro Tool exam in Uni, I did it well and easily, so im really happy today


I think i may have completed most of my self therapy in getting rid of certain bad habits and ways of thinking…

I did this through going outside my intellectual comfort zone…and examining the realism of my thinking and the very real effects of other peoples thoughts.

And also through having both negative and positive experiences…and learning from these experiences.

The last stage of my self therapy is to continue this process in addition to become more extraverted.


Real life experience best cure.

The purpose of kharma isnt revenge its understanding.


I woke up

So I get to live another day :star_struck::sparkles:


So im not done with my self therapy…

I found a new facet that needs to be added to my self therapy regimen after rereading some of my idmf posts.


If it makes you feel any better, my life feels like constant growth as well, and growing pains definitely suck. But it’s a million times better than stagnating and I wouldn’t trade the former for the latter, because that path is usually self-destructive at best.


You’re never done with self-correcting. :slight_smile:


yessir, these days I’ll always take one more day : )


When i think that the grass is greener on the other side

Then i found out it really isnt all its cracked up to be.

Then i realize im okay.


Making the effort to change as a person.
And making progress in changing for the better.


Movement Detroit is what I owe my happiness.

And standing at this Pre-Party thrown by BangTech 12 and realizing “everyone here is in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s and still grooving to this music… Time to start DJing again”


Finally got the fucking carpenter bee who was boring a hole above my back door. Didn’t even know these things existed until I started googling, but they’ve always hung around my place. set up a trap, but I think most of their activity is done for the year.

Vengeance is mine!!!


That thing needs to be doused in gasoline and lit on fire, for science


One of my favorite image editors is getting its own programming language and AI tools baked into it. Totally worth checking out if anyone is into that sort of thing (they usually do a pretty lengthy, free beta period which is awesome)


Id think xnoisex would be a good idmf admin…thats is if he wants it though…

So yeah Xnoisex has my vote for admin of idmf.


Finally made a semi decent dubstep track for the music making challenge…composition wise.


Yesterday some dangerous trees in the creek behind my house finally came down and stopped a few feet above my shed:

So today that whole clusterfuck was finally removed! (Creek is dry because we’ve had a drought)

And it may not look like much, but the dead tree behind my house that was about 60 feet high finally got removed!!!

EDIT: also saved some future firewood for my friend!


Glad those trees were cut down. My town was hit by 80 mph winds and a bunch of trees flattened houses. Luckily my place was fine (I have 100 year old trees surrounding me). There are still places without power three days later.

Today my Sunday project was upgrading my PS5 controller batteries. First one took about 45 minutes, and the second took about ten.

Also went shopping with a friend I haven’t seen for about a month. All is well!