To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


We are quickly approaching that…lol


Every year on my birthday I buy myself some blurays. Nothing too crazy this year, but here they are. The Planet of the Vampires is an old case, but with the new transfer that recently came out (I like the old case better).


I’m not going to scandalize the forum with my shenanigans, but I reconnected with an old friend and we are going to be doing some co-educating for a community that means a lot to me. If someone is really interested, happy to explain but maybe not publicly.


I’m calling it, @relic . It’s the BDSM community.


Oh @Vlantis you know me too well lol <3 now youve earned a spanking!


haven’t peeped this thread in a while. Big congrats @relic, hopefully the celebration was wicked.

@Vlantis gz on the snip, but it’s unfortunate in 2040 we won’t have your offspring around to load selfies into the photo booth.


Thanks. It was very wicked. I am still ouchy lol


I basically officially quit teaching today. I love doing it. The students are great for the most part. But why do I have to have two other jobs to live?


I’m trying to go back to school and working on my resume. It’s awful and I feel old and I have an existential crisis every time I look at it lol.


I couldn’t understand more. I have no idea, at 40, what the fuck I am gonna do.


I’m gonna see if I can get some help brushing it up. I feel like if I can just be happy with how it looks and reads, then that’s a major hurdle out of the way. I feel like not spending my entire adult life in front of a computer on the internet and constantly networking has been a detriment.


I am not resume expert, but if you need help with wording something let me know. You can always message me on FB, I may see that quicker than a message here.

Maybe not surprising, if a job doing data entry or something fell in my lap I’d love to not have to interact with people for a while. I loved teaching, I loved the students and helping them, but … fuck … there was little reward. I need more than “I like doing it”


Thanks! No worries, I ran around campus after work and will make an appointment at the career center when I get home (having a beer at The Pub at the moment (I’m not British, that’s the name lol)).

I start school in the summer, but I’m trying to get a job at the school since they’ll pay tuition. I’ve already graduated from there with an art degree back in 2005, so I just need to complete core classes.

I taught for nearly ten years in Japan and it was okay, and I completed a couple courses for my masters when I got back but bowed out when I got my divorce and realized teaching wasn’t for me. My cousin also quit teaching after only about a year.

Oh also, since this is a dear diary all of the sudden, my recent girlfriend and I parted ways after she moved to Japan. I wasn’t happy at all with the long distance relationship and pulled the plug after seven months, and it was gonna be for two years, but we still talk regularly and have a nice friendship, so that makes me happy. This is the happy thread after all!


Cool! Good. I didn’t quit all my income opportunities and am not against shoveling shit if I need to.

I am glad you were able to stay friends. My girlfriend at the time and I at the end of our undergrad decided to just separate instead of doing long distance. We still talk from time to time almost 20 years later.


I finished updating my resume last week (that shit took me over ten hours, but it needed a lot of work) and just submitted my scholarship essay for going back to school! I’ll know in four to six weeks. I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks. Had a few existential crises, but I’m told that’s normal. Gonna do my taxes tomorrow morning then a friend is coming over to continue our two player campaign of Broforce.

Not too shabby!


Getting my DAW and VSTs installed on my new laptop. I’m going to keep it simple, I think. I have a stupid amount of VSTs at this point. Also, I have an EP started on the Toraiz SP-16.

Finally have a regular sleep schedule as an adult. Getting up to walk a mile or so every morning.


This morning: a nice (very) brisk walk and broccoli and cheese scrambled eggs with a couple little slices of ham. Also I can drink COFFEE again after like 6 years of GI issues.


I went to visit my friend who works at a tattoo place to see if she wanted to hang out tonight and ended up running into another acquaintance who just hooked me up with some shrooms!

I got a date with some psychadelic VR games this weekends or next (Rez, Thumper, Polybius, etc).


Made some beef veggie soup with beef shanks and a cheap roast. A+ if I do say so myself.

Three one -inch cut beef shanks (bone-in).
One box container beef broth.
32 oz of water.
1 large can of crushed tomatoes.
Soy sauce to taste.
Black pepper to taste.
4-5 bay leaves.
4-5 diced yellow onions.
3-5 pieces of garlic diced.
Additional cheap cut of beef.

Combine in large pot. Bring to boil and simmer for 2-3 hours or until meat is tender and falling apart.

Remove meat, cut up and return to pot.

Add potatoes (I like golden/yellow potatoes), carrots and celery (or whatever you like).

Bring back to boil and simmer until veggies are cooked and meat is absolutely falling apart.

Add water at any point if you need to.

Salt to taste when serving.

And, personally, I leave the shank bones in until the soup is gone…the more you cook the bones, the better the broth gets.


I visited my friend’s house and spun a record I bought over twenty years ago that was only ever played once before.

How It Feels To Be Something On
My favorite album!