To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


I’m in the process of getting mine scheduled. Gotta get a consult first (like…why?, just snip me god damn it!) Congrats : )


Ok not normally my kind of thing but next time I’m in the US I’ll pony up $50 to stab your particulars :smiley:


It may be doctor’s discretion and I was also told it depends on the type of insurance you have whether or not you have a consultation. Yeah, makes no sense.


Eh, I’ve heard tell of a lot of younger guys (like under 25 say) looking into vasectomies because of what happened with Roe V. Wade earlier in the year and they need the heads up that unlike in sitcoms this thing is not guaranteed to be reversible and if they change their mind in the future there may well be no undo button for this. So to that extent of being informed of the full ramifications of what is for some a knee-jerk reaction, I get it.

I’m 95% sure I don’t want kids, but I’m not 30 yet and if I meet the love of my life later on and I change my mind I don’t want to be stuck.


Yea. I think it is a CYA thing for them. And I don’t even disagree…of course a person under 25 might think they don’t want kids then change their mind. I’ve known I didn’t since high school and have never felt differently but that isn’t everyone.

I mean, I’m 40 which seems like a typical age to get one. The only thing my previous GP ever did that bothered me was give me crap about wanting the procedure when I was in my mid 30s. He basically wouldn’t help me find a Urologist because he thought I was too young.


You’re still too young!

(Do you feel your arse has been suitably kissed? Please fill out the attached feedback form…)


A+ would do business with again.


Me - “I did a lot of manscaping to make everything look pretty for you, but I assume everybody does that.”

Doctor - “You’d be surprised…”

Also, jizzing into a cup at the hospital for a sperm sample is pretty awkward.


Yea not looking forward to the hospital sperm sample bit…lol


Achievement Unlocked: marriage license obtained.


Congratulations dude. As is traditional…

May all your ups and downs be in bed. (Old but never gold :smiley: )


Many thanks!





Thanks man. I appreciate it.


This is making us pretty fucken happy today. Still got another sitting to go, but it already looks incredible


Lets see…I’m happy that today is friday and I’ll be done work in about 2 hours. Weathers great too for late october.


We did the wedding thing. Somehow in 13 years our families had never met each other. They got along fine. Only one person got a little too tipsy but not too bad. My wife snuck some Hunter S. Thompson quotes into the ceremony.


Sincere congratulations… well done :zap:




COngrats man - welcome to the club - wait till she comes peri-pausal a personal hell - till then - enjoy :slight_smile: