To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?



DJ right there I want to hear what he spins :smiley:


Currently uploading :slight_smile:


Image line update fl studio now has a native pitch shifter…and a native frequency splitter…

Also updated buffer override.

Also old comp working again after i bought a new battery and deleted some files and uninstalled unused programs.


I’ve really never regretted sticking with FL Studio all these years. I’m still rocking life time free upgrades as well. At this point if they ended that I still couldn’t be upset with them. I’ve been with them since version 7 I think?


Since I know nothing about FL, do either of these work with patcher?

I’m kind of tempted to run a demo since it lets you export audio and use it as another design tool


If its native then itll work with fls patcher.
I havent really tried using patcher with third party vsts.


You can also automate third party plugin parameters by left clicking to access the menu and then select browse parameter…

: D


Graduating from breakcore idm…to contemporary glitch…

Basically going from making shitty music to less shitty music


Kendrick lamars new album.


Rocking out new headphones. Sony XM5’s. Damn :open_mouth:


I bought the XM4’s before the XM5’s last week secondhand, but they turned out to be faulty. It’s the first time I’ve had two models of the same headphones side by side, but the XM5’s sound much nicer, the bass response is better. Less muddy.

Wow, I really can be boring when I put my mind to it.


Listening to some of my older stuff. Still like the music itself but yikes the mixing, particularly the EQ. The reason its making me happy is because I can now largely identify where its wrong. Always more to learn ofc :slight_smile:


Replaced the thermal paste and pads on the computer @nose gifted me.

Also finished getting my music up and running again after two and a half years. Gotta get a new interface for my mic, but otherwise I’m good to go!

My girlfriend is out of the country for the foreseeable future, but we’ve so far managed to have a cool long distance relationship. Our schedules pretty much match, so it’s been easy.

Yep, that stuff makes me happy.


Glad you’ll soon be back to making noise again.

Um that work surface doesn’t look very anti-static :smiley:


Going to see the Get Up Kids and Sparta the weekend immediately after my 40th bday this September. (Also I think this officially makes me old)


Worked on some musics that are nearing completion. I know I’m getting picky when a particular snare that appears once in a whole track is annoying me :rofl:

Also made some chilli oil that is currently infusing in a kilner jar and hopefully get to test it tomorrow. Can’t wait to fry up some rice in that stuff.


Dude, I had to read “chili oil” like five times because I kept thinking you somehow meant to type “chill out” like the chill out music lololol but that sounds amazing. I love spicy food, but it burns me the next day if you know what I mean.


Small batch for testing based on recipe from

I’ll put musics on LB in a mo, happy enough its ready for its ineptitude to be shared for hopefully finishing off :slight_smile:


Maybe try out this one, too, really yummy: