To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Its the worst! I miss the days when it was just my PC, my DAW and they few coveted paid VSTs I had…I’m looking down that barrel myself… but I think my solution will be to just get a really inexpensive work-only computer and clean up my older laptop as best I can without wiping it and starting over.


While doing system rebuild and moving stuff around, I happened across a track I was working on a decade ago. I remember putting it to one side because I wasn’t happy with the sound design and lyrics, though I loved the tune itself.

Been working on that again and its a hoot. Just as silly as you’d expect. Aiming to complete sometime in April.

Happy days :slight_smile:


Stoked to be going on a little “Spring Break” cabin trip this Friday…though it is supposed to snow Saturday…I guess it probably won’t be campfire weather…but the early season price was right on the cabin!


Watching videos of people making art using paint and making art via sculpting is so relaxing…made me happy cause i found something else to populate my social media feed in place of stupid tmzish political content.


Art videos are the best. I used to watch a bunch of acrylic pours which eventually inspired me to start making my own. Apparently it’s contagious


Did a little baked baking this evening… orange spiced rum cake.


Snagged a PS5 today. Will check it out tomorrow. Selling my souped up PS4 pro to my friend… Meanwhile I’m still playing through ICO which came out in 2001 and I’ve playing probably ten times, lol.


I played hooky today and went to the pub now sitting in the porch smoking a blunt w the ghetto blaster playing 90s hip hop sipping on the Smirnoff


It’s really hard to find a good NA beer, but this is my new jam.


Not tried that one. Infinite Session is a decent beerless beer.


Making music again…

Im no longer gonna do those 24hour marathon studio sessions…

Im gonna break it up and do like 1hour session for a few days a week. Ill have more off days than music making days…so that way i wont have musical burnout and ill spend more time on tracks as opposed to cranking them out in those marathon sessions.

Tl;dr changing my workflow…and making music again.


The 5-yo part of me is way too excited by the musics I made today.
The rest of me is inside my brain running around in circles shouting, “Danger Will Robinson, Danger!”
The 5-yo is winning.


A still life from a party night…


My system rebuild a few weeks ago sparked off a further chain of things happening (not quite enough to say events, but you know, not nothing :smiley: ) and I’ve ended up reorganising my man cave somewhat. Still got a lot of cardboard to get rid of but its an even more Roo-friendly environment than before. About 160 degrees of vision is screens for various things. All I need now is a spaceship to safely talk into landing on an asteroid.


Haggis with black pudding.


Getting on the 1s and 2s this evening.


Please tell me you have a cowboy hat :rofl:


I do, actually, but I’m thinking maybe that phrase means something I’m not aware lol




File under things I should absolutely know facepalm