To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


And finally my game can save and load correctly!
This had been a major cause of frustration and almost had me drop it for good.
Also, I can’t make visuals, but that doesn’t matter.


My ladyfriend and I banged to Immigrant Song over the weekend, which actually ended up being pretty awesome. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


^this dude fucks


@Vlantis did you feel like a Viking?


^“Vallahala I am coming” lol


HA! Holy shit. Good one. I needed that this morning. Very good. Carry on.




Aaaaaaaahaaaah aaaaa!aaaaaaah aaaaaaaah.



I forgot it existed, I’m so not hungry after that


but you will be an hour later


I had a lot of sushis, count two hours


Preload for Total War: Warhammer 3 is up \o/


I have successfully survived and shoveled my way out of the third blizzard this year! Only…four more to go or something lol.

Also my ladyfriend and I are officially dating, so that’s pretty cool! She’s supposed to move here tomorrow, assuming the weather is good for travel.

All is well. Take care, my friends!


Decided I might take a two night cabin vacation at state park not far from me. They aren’t primitive cabins, full amenities and they all have a really nice screened porch. $90 a night isn’t bad at all considering finding even a motel fit (clean enough) to sleep in can be a chore in Ohio.

It does unfortunately have a TV with cable. Not sure what kind of reception my phone will have, but hoping to ignore it most of the time. Want to go partly to work on music would probably just take the SP-16 loaded with samples and the Monostation. Might make dinner in a dutch oven in the campfire if the weather is supposed to be at least tolerable.

Not 100% yet. I don’t want to be greedy but I’d really love to make it three nights. Just not sure I can justify the cost as I’m supposed to be saving to go on a big family trip to the Smoky Mountains this June.


Made hand-breaded General Tso’s chicken tonight with homemade fried rice. Huge mess but totally worth it. I need to learn to make my own sauce though.


I sent out the final info for my release which will drop next Friday. The label should announce it soon and I’m super happy of being on the same label as some of my biggest music influences.


I saw your post on facepage as well. So stoked for you! Stoked to hear it : )


Feeling more nuanced in regards to social issues so that im not susceptible to becoming an extremist peice of shit brainwashed by blag, propaganda, and negative experiences…

Yay for mental fortitude.


I have a new found clarity and a better sense of things.

Apologies for my mind diarrhea that youve all had to read over these past years…was trying to work out ideas in my head…

And thanks for the reality check…
Signing off :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::wave::+1::heart::100:



Prolly about 90% of the way to back to being able to make my musics again. Typically after a system rebuild for me its about a month - most of it gets done within a few days but over the next few weeks I’ll be doing stuff, something goes wrong and I remember a bit I forgot to configure, usually minor but it still counts. Nothing major. See what I did there? :rofl:

Still got mic stuff to configure but I’ll cross that bridge in about 16 hours. Then do the last chorus.